New Jersey Memories

Greetings from the Garden State!

The Waiting Game

If you read my post of May 11th , you'll know that I have been suffering a lot of pain lately. I have had to take some time off from my job, because I simply could not function. I am going to take every medical test I can to find the causes.   So far I have been to an internist, podiatrist,


I have not been feeling well lately. I have all-over body pain. My legs are always painful, and I recently had a virus that just seemed to make it much worse. I also suffer from carpal tunnel-like symptoms in my arms. I finally decided to be proactive about this problem. NOW. After taking care o

Stranded British Tourists Colonize Newark Airport

I can't help it. I know that the volcano in Iceland that has delayed air travel must be terrible for those who are stranded, but this headline in The Wall Street Journal makes me laugh: At Newark Airport, Stranded Brits Colonize Terminals B and C, Seek Tea The British are alway

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