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January 24, 2022

Holsten's Brookdale Confectionary | Bloomfield, New Jersey

stools at counter

Holsten's Is A New Jersey Legend


Holsten’s ice cream parlor has been a legendary meeting spot in Bloomfield, New Jersey for over 75 years. 


They are famous for their homemade ice cream and candy. 


They also serve burgers and other classic American food. 


It still holds old-school charm in its décor. 


New Jerseyans have known about Holsten’s for many years. 


ice cream parlor
candy counter
stools at counter


Holsten's Becomes World Famous

But in 2007, Holsten’s suddenly became world famous. 


The producers of the HBO classic series, The Sopranos, decided to film the very last scene of the series at Holsten’s. 



  This is the very table where the scene was filmed: 



The Tony Soprano Table


When the star of The Sopranos, James Gandolfini, died several years ago, there was a special tribute to him.


The booth was "reserved" for "Tony Soprano" that night. No one sat at that table. 


Gandolfini was from New Jersey. 


James Gandolfini dead at 51: Holsten's Ice Cream Parlor reserves booth where 'Sopranos' filmed final scene  


It was even spoofed recently in a Trump-Russia opening skit on Saturday Night Live, since Trump and Michael Cohen have apparent mob connections: 




You can check out their website here: Holstens Brookdale Confectionery 


The restaurant is part of the Sopranos tours that are still going on many years after the show ended 


♪ Don't Stop Believin'♪


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Holsten's Brookdale Confectionary | Bloomfield, New Jersey

January 24, 2022

July 30, 2015

Positively New Jersey!

Positively New Jersey


I have been reading some very interesting articles about New Jersey. It’s nice to read something that isn’t negative. New Jersey has a lot going for it!

This first article from Freehold Subaru tells us why it is a good idea to live in New Jersey.

Benefits of Living Between Philadelphia and New York

After reading this first article, I had hope.

I then looked for some more positive articles about New Jersey.


More Positivity

The next article from BuzzFeed shows off New Jersey’s natural beauty! The photos are gorgeous!


32 Nature Photos That Prove New Jersey Ain’t The Armpit Of America


Another article from the BuzzFeed Community tells Why It’s Awesome to Be From New Jersey.


I found a blog post from a real estate blog about moving to New Jersey. Some of the reasons are pretty humorous:


28 Reasons You Need To Move To New Jersey


The writer of the famed blog Waiter Rant tells of 50 Reasons I Love New Jersey. 


I've noticed that diners seem to be very popular with New Jersey-based writers and bloggers - including me!


And the old sign-off from the former New Jersey Network (NJN):


Positively New Jersey!


I remember seeing this wonderful video many times back in the day! 


This video has many beautiful images and a great song! 


There are some very interesting comments on the YouTube page about this video 🤣

You may also check out my post on how WCBS-TV New York Celebrates New York and New Jersey.


Also check out The Buzz Aldrin Rock!


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Positively New Jersey!

July 30, 2015

May 14, 2015

Morley Safer and Modern Art | Television


 Morley Safer And Modern Art


I grew up watching 60 Minutes on CBS (Channel 2 in New York).

My parents would watch the show every Sunday night, and so I watched it with them. 


It is a show that has a style all its own -- just like The New York Times and The New Yorker. Mike Wallace, Morley Safer, "Gunga Dan" Rather, Andy Rooney, Harry Reasoner,  Point/Counterpoint -- I remember it all.

On Tuesday, I posted about art at The Montclair Art Museum. I really liked all of the sculptures on the front lawn. I thought they were creative and interesting. 

However, I have always remembered a controversial 1993 60 Minutes story on modern art by Morley Safer. It has probably become his most famous story, because it playfully skewered the pretentiousness of some modern art and art criticism. 

Here is the infamous 1993 episode:


For some reason, Safer did not do a follow-up on the story until 2012. This one is fun, too. 

You can watch the follow up here when you click Watch on YouTube: 


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Morley Safer and Modern Art | Television

May 14, 2015

April 23, 2015

It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature! | Television

old television

It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature!

Dena Dietrich played Mother Nature in a Chiffon Margarine commercial in the early 1970s. 


The first one was so successful that she did quite a few more for the rest of the decade.

This was the first one, with the legendary tag line, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!"

That's Mason Adams as the announcer. 


He was famous for voicing the tag line: "With a name like Smucker's, it has to be good" for Smucker's jams and jellies. 

He voiced those for many years, in addition to many, many others.

The "Mother Nature" commercial was so successful that Dena Dietrich did quite a few more.

Here are a couple:

The Mother Nature commercials ran from around 1971-1979. 


In 2002 they stopped making Chiffon Margarine for the American market.

You can also read You Deserve A Break Today about the famous McDonald's commercials. 

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It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature! | Television

April 23, 2015

April 02, 2015

WCBS-TV New York Celebrates New York and New Jersey | Television


WCBS-TV New York Celebrates 1970s

WCBS-TV New York Celebrates New York and New Jersey

In the 1970s we still had local television, not just the local news. 


Here is WCBS-TV New York (Channel 2) in New York celebrating New York:


And here they are with several short spots  celebrating New York and New Jersey! 


I have intensely nostalgic feelings watching these videos. I remember them so well. 


They played constantly on Channel 2, especially late at night. I was so young, both of my parents were still alive, and watching TV was fun! 


Now I'm not so young, my parents are both gone, and I rarely watch television.


I’m glad to find these treasures on YouTube, especially because most people didn’t have VCRs yet and so much of it was not recorded. 


I really miss local New York television, which really doesn’t exist anymore. 


I wrote more about late-night local television here:


Late Night Local TV and Saturday Night Discomania


Also check out:  

Positively New Jersey!


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WCBS-TV New York Celebrates New York and New Jersey | Television

April 02, 2015

March 26, 2015

You Deserve A Break Today Commercial | Television

old television

You Deserve A Break Today

McDonald’s is struggling nowadays in the market. 


Perhaps they should drop that idiotic campaign and extremely stale “I’m lovin’ it” and go back to this classic from the 1970s, with a new cast, of course.


Oh, right they can’t, because for some stupid reason they abandoned the rights to the song.

This advertisement is filled with very talented performers. 


I spy John Amos (appearing at the time in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and future father in Good Times), Anson Williams (future Potsie in Happy Days), John Wheeler (the manager with the operatic voice, I remember him singing operatically as part of Felix's opera club in The Odd Couple), Johnny Haymer, future actor in M*A*S*H ("Put a shine on the floor!”) and the wonderful character actor Robert Ridgely (with the clean burger machine!) 

I’m trying to figure out the others, especially the actor who opens the commercial. He looks familiar. 

This commercial was immensely successful and influential, and the best campaign McDonald’s ever had. 


You may also want to read It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature! and  Look For The Union Label, two other iconic TV commercial from the 1970s.


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You Deserve A Break Today Commercial | Television

March 26, 2015

December 25, 2014

The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (1971) | Television

Old television

The Homecoming


This is the TV movie that started it all. This film, based on creator Earl Hamner's real-life family, aired in 1971. 

It was such a huge success that a series was created. That series, The Waltons, was expected to be a flop but ran for nine years.

All of the child actors in this film took part in the series, but most of the adult roles were re-cast, except for Ellen Corby in the role of Grandma Walton. This became her most iconic role.


I loved The Waltons - it became a Thursday night tradition for me. 


I also really love The Homecoming: A Christmas Story.  I hope that you will, too.


This film is also available on DVD.


There is a wonderful Waltons website.


You may also read about another wonderful television Christmas tradition in Yule Log.


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The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (1971) | Television

December 25, 2014

November 20, 2014

Late Night Local TV and Saturday Night Discomania | Television

Old tube television


I Miss Local Television


I really, really miss 1970s television. 


Not just the great shows that were in prime time, but late night local TV - which simply doesn't exist anymore, except for local news. 


If the local networks have room to fill late at night, they just fill it with infomercials. 


I used to love watching the stations sign off the air for the night, too. 


This is mostly from the 1980s, but it gives you an idea of what the sign-offs were like:


I love YouTube, and I’m always trying to find interesting videos of local TV from that time period. 


There isn’t that much out there, because very few people had anything to record them, so when I find them, it’s like a precious gift. 


The only recording device out there at the time was the Betamax, and very few people had those. Apparently this was recorded on a Betamax, by someone – who? 


I Especially Loved Late-Night Local TV

I remember longing for a Betamax although that wouldn’t have stopped my late night local TV watching! 


There I was safe in the den, my parents asleep, and I had no real worries. Nothing would have changed my night owl tendencies, especially during the summer with no school! 


Besides, late night television back then had a slightly surreal feel. It was like entering a dream world.

This was back in the day when there was actual LOCAL programming. Channel 2 (WCBS-TV New York) used to program old films (heck, all of the local channels did that). 

What’s interesting to me is that sometimes the commercials bring back a certain time period even more than the shows do. 


A True Time Capsule of Late 1970's New York City

The first video above is a montage of commercials and other programming from June 17, 1978. Jimmy Carter was President of the United States.  


Who knows, I may very well have been watching this very channel at this very moment in time.

While you check out the above video, at around the 1:00 mark (after the local CBS station, WCBS Channel 2 in New York, had finished showing The Channel 2 Showcase - apparently a rerun of an old The Name of the Game episode) they ran a hilarious and rather endearing commercial for a disco record – Saturday Night Discomania!

This delightful commercial, a true time capsule, is clearly trying to cash in on the huge success of the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever, complete with John Travolta wanna–be, complete with white suit, filmed in a real disco!

The record includes a booklet to teach you all the latest disco dances!

Actually the songs included in the disc are true classics, more early 70s Philly sound than Bee Gees era disco. You can buy the vinyl record or 8-track tape! Or pay C.O.D. (cash on delivery!)

And in small print the disclaimer:

Not affiliated with Saturday Night Fever

You can see the commercial by itself right here:



Going back to the first video, right after the commercial the local announcer (Dave Campbell) actually gives us the news radio–style - The Early Morning Report! 


There was unrest in New York – to be truthful, while I love the 1970s, it wasn’t a great decade for New York, which nearly defaulted, among other problems.

The highlight of those years for New Yorkers (unless you were a Mets fan) was that the New York Yankees won the World Series twice.

Speaking of the Yankees, at around the 8:16 mark in the video it is announced that the Boston Red Sox now have a 13 game lead on the New York Yankees, who were in 4th place. 


The 1978 Yankees went on to have one of the greatest comebacks in sports history, while the Red Sox had an epic collapse, and the Yankees went on to crush the Red Sox win the World Series.

A Betamax Commercial!


There is an absolutely fabulous commercial for Betamax at around 9:11 which Dracula promoting late night television taping, following immediately by a classic Crazy Eddie commercial, although an uncharacteristically low key one, commercial

But my favorite moment as at the very end, with the classic Channel 2 intro to The Late Show! How many old movies did I discover watching that show?!

*Sigh* I miss local late nights, or even local TV in general. It just doesn’t exist anymore!


For more about New York local television, you may want to read:


WCBS-TV New York Celebrates New York and New Jersey

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Late Night Local TV and Saturday Night Discomania | Television

November 20, 2014

July 17, 2014

Great Adventure Theme Park and Rolling Thunder! | Jackson Township, New Jersey


Great Adventure and Rolling Thunder


Great Adventure is a Six Flags theme park in Jackson Township, New Jersey that opened in 1974 and still is open today.

The ride I remember most is Rolling Thunder, a wooden rollercoaster that operated from 1979-2013. 


It was a sad day when it closed and was finally demolished. Rolling Thunder was so famous it even has its own Wikipedia page.

I wasn't fond of roller coasters than turned upside down which is why I preferred Rolling Thunder to Lightnin' Loops.

I do remember how Rolling Thunder would s-l-o-w-l-y climb up the tracks and poise for a breathless moment on top -- and then go racing down!

Here is a commercial for the new Rolling Thunder roller coaster in 1979!

You may also want to read about Old New Jersey Memories!

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Great Adventure Theme Park and Rolling Thunder! | Jackson Township, New Jersey

July 17, 2014

July 06, 2014

Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush | Music


hilly road
Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash


Running Up That Hill

The first time I remember seeing and hearing the English singer-songwriter Kate Bush was on Saturday Night Live in 1978. 


She was a bit older than me but still a teenager and she sang very well and I thought she was talented in a quirky way. 

I'd never seen anything quite like it before and I didn't know what to make of her. However, I was very impressed with her talent. After all, I still remember it all of these years later. 


I've never seen that broadcast again. It's currently available on Hulu Plus. I guess I really will have to subscribe one day.


I bought a couple of her albums but then she seemed to fade away . . .


Actually, she became quite a big star in England, but rarely appeared in the United States, apparently because of a fear of flying. I must admit that I started to forget about her.


This was the song that first made her famous in England. She is playing a ghost in "Wuthering Heights."  


Be prepared, it is rather unusual:

Now you see why I didn't know quite what to make of her when I first saw her? She was different.

I became aware of her again because of her 1985 song “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” and the accompanying Very Strange Video (at the top of this post). 


I became quite obsessed with this song. It was Kate at her eccentric best, complete with the very 1980s synthesizers.


I was fascinated by her again. It is a haunting song, and the lyrics have been interpreted many different ways


Apparently she becomes deeply involved in many stages of her music: writing, performing, choreography, producing, set design, etc. 


She has really exercised great control over her career. She's nobody's puppet.


You can see more videos by Kate Bush on her official YouTube Channel: 


Kate Bush Music 


UPDATE 2022: It seems I was way ahead of the curve!  "Running Up That Hill" has suddenly become famous in America only 37 years later! It's the #1 streamed song on the planet!


You may also want to read my post about Swedish House Mafia's "Save The World."


Thanks for visiting New Jersey Memories! 

Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush | Music

July 06, 2014

June 26, 2014

Look For the Union Label TV Commercial | Television

Garment Union Commercial Screenshot

Look For The Union Label

This commercial for ILGWU (The International Ladies Garment Workers Union) ran in various forms throughout my childhood. The 1978 version:

Here is the 1981 version.

This was when some clothes were still made in the U.S.A, although that was starting to change. 


It was reasonably easy to get a job back then . . . not like now.


These commercials were really famous back in the 1970s and the early 1980s. 


Remember, with only 3 networks plus PBS, television advertising was very powerful. 


As a matter of fact, there were quite a few parodies of this song.


Real workers were used in these commercials. 


I didn't pay much attention to them back then, although I would sing the song as the commercial played, but they really touch my heart now.


You can find the history of ILGWU and the lyrics for this song here:


International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union


You may also read about the labor movement in New Jersey:

American Labor Museum and the Pietro and Maria Botto House | Haledon, New Jersey 


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Look For the Union Label TV Commercial | Television

June 26, 2014