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July 20, 2014

Girls Just Want to Have Fun | Music

It Was the 1980s


Back in the 1980s, there was a fresh new face on the music scene! Cyndi Lauper debuted her solo career with this instant classic!

It was so fun, fresh, and now that the day after I first saw that video I danced down to the record store in the mall and bought the album!


Yes, a vinyl record!


When my mother first heard the song she said “they had to know it would be a hit!”

 "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" was written by Robert Hazard from a male point of view. 


Girls Just Want To Have Fun


Cyndi changed the lyrics a little (with Hazard’s permission) and turned it into a cheerful feminist anthem about female independence and living her life by her rules!


I became a Cyndi fan immediately! I still am.


Here is the original video!

Ah, the 80s. The last fun decade.


That’s Cyndi’s real-life mom playing, well, her Mom, and wrestler Captain Lou Albano playing her Dad, and singer Steve Forbert playing her boyfriend at the end. 


That ending scene has a Marx Brothers like twist, right?


It’s such a fun video and great song! Nothing better than that!

Cyndi had several other hits on her debut album and won the Best New Artist Grammy.

There is a great article on this song at The Atlantic.


The "Time After Time" Video Was Filmed In New Jersey 

The biggest hit was the follow up, "Time After Time", a song that Cyndi co-wrote. This song went to number one for two weeks! 


The video, of course, included many members of Cyndi's family and her friends.


The video was shot mostly in New Jersey: Roxbury Township (the now defunct Tom's Diner), Wharton (outside shots), and the train station in Morristown (got to get those Jersey plugs in!) 

Cyndi is still going strong! 


She won a Tony Award last year for her musical score to “Kinky Boots”! 


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Girls Just Want to Have Fun | Music

July 20, 2014

July 06, 2014

Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush | Music


hilly road
Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash


Running Up That Hill

The first time I remember seeing and hearing the English singer-songwriter Kate Bush was on Saturday Night Live in 1978. 


She was a bit older than me but still a teenager and she sang very well and I thought she was talented in a quirky way. 

I'd never seen anything quite like it before and I didn't know what to make of her. However, I was very impressed with her talent. After all, I still remember it all of these years later. 


I've never seen that broadcast again. It's currently available on Hulu Plus. I guess I really will have to subscribe one day.


I bought a couple of her albums but then she seemed to fade away . . .


Actually, she became quite a big star in England, but rarely appeared in the United States, apparently because of a fear of flying. I must admit that I started to forget about her.


This was the song that first made her famous in England. She is playing a ghost in "Wuthering Heights."  


Be prepared, it is rather unusual:

Now you see why I didn't know quite what to make of her when I first saw her? She was different.

I became aware of her again because of her 1985 song “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” and the accompanying Very Strange Video (at the top of this post). 


I became quite obsessed with this song. It was Kate at her eccentric best, complete with the very 1980s synthesizers.


I was fascinated by her again. It is a haunting song, and the lyrics have been interpreted many different ways


Apparently she becomes deeply involved in many stages of her music: writing, performing, choreography, producing, set design, etc. 


She has really exercised great control over her career. She's nobody's puppet.


You can see more videos by Kate Bush on her official YouTube Channel: 


Kate Bush Music 


UPDATE 2022: It seems I was way ahead of the curve!  "Running Up That Hill" has suddenly become famous in America only 37 years later! It's the #1 streamed song on the planet!


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Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush | Music

July 06, 2014

June 26, 2014

Look For the Union Label TV Commercial | Television

Garment Union Commercial Screenshot

Look For The Union Label

This commercial for ILGWU (The International Ladies Garment Workers Union) ran in various forms throughout my childhood. The 1978 version:

Here is the 1981 version.

This was when some clothes were still made in the U.S.A, although that was starting to change. 


It was reasonably easy to get a job back then . . . not like now.


These commercials were really famous back in the 1970s and the early 1980s. 


Remember, with only 3 networks plus PBS, television advertising was very powerful. 


As a matter of fact, there were quite a few parodies of this song.


Real workers were used in these commercials. 


I didn't pay much attention to them back then, although I would sing the song as the commercial played, but they really touch my heart now.


You can find the history of ILGWU and the lyrics for this song here:


International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union


You may also read about the labor movement in New Jersey:

American Labor Museum and the Pietro and Maria Botto House | Haledon, New Jersey 


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Look For the Union Label TV Commercial | Television

June 26, 2014