December 20, 2021

December Madness For Rutgers | Piscataway, New Jersey



Rutgers In December


This is one of the most delightful things ever seen in college basketball . . . unless you are a Purdue fan. 


Purdue was ranked #1.  


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, had never beaten a #1 team. 


It happened in New Jersey . . . 


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October 15, 2021

A Day In The Life | Pompton Lakes, New Jersey

Pompton Lakes New Jersey Liberty Bell


Pompton Lakes, New Jersey


On a lovely and very hot July day in 2019, my husband and I wandered around the cute town of Pompton Lakes. 


Pompton Lakes was founded in 1682 and incorporated in 1895.


They are proud of their heritage, with even a cute Liberty Bell of their very own


George Washington slept here at least twice.  

Pompton Lakes New Jersey sign

We then went to the Pompton Lakes Library to check out some books and DVDs. 


The Library has a long history


From their website: 

The Pompton Lakes Public Library began as a gift to the people of Pompton Lakes from Mrs. Emanuel Einstein in memory of her late husband, who passed in 1909.  Mr. and Mrs. Einstein were residents of New York City and spent their Summers in  Pompton Lakes.  Mrs. Einstein supplied the town with the plot, building, equipment, and a stock of books, which were all dedicated in April of 1912 when the library first opened to the public.  The building, an example of seventeenth century architecture and Tudor design, is described in its deed as facing “Wynockie Avenue”, sometimes called “Wanaque Avenue”.

Pompton Lakes NJ Library
Pompton Lakes NJ library


We eventually ended up at the old Pompton Lakes Train Station, which still has some old trains on display, to find out that in the old station someone had opened up a very nice used book and record store! 


I checked and they are still there! They made it through the pandemic! 


The store's name is Station 1 Books Vinyl and Vintage Shop.


Pompton Lakes New Jersey train

 Pompton Lakes New Jersey book and record shop

Pompton Lakes NJ book and record shop

You can read more about Pompton Lakes here: 


Pompton Lakes grapples with where to hold its history


Revolutionary War New Jersey - Pompton Lakes 


You may also want to read about the Revolutionary War-era Henry Doremus House in Montville.


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October 14, 2021

I'm Back To Where I Once Belonged!

cup of coffee

I'm Back


🎵Get back to where you once belonged!🎵

Yes, I know I was going to combine my two blogs, but I really missed this space. I missed posting photos.

Besides, I decided that my other blog, The Literary Lioness. was going to concentrate on books, writing, blogging, and my new venture: YouTube! 


I am preparing new photo posts right now and I am so glad to be back.


I have lots of photos that I have taken over the past few years that I never published. 


I even bought a new theme for the occasion! 


So ignore everything I wrote in this post from 2018:


Important Message From New Jersey Memories


Now . . . let's get blogging! 


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