April 30, 2018

Important Message From New Jersey Memories

Cherry Blossoms

Important Message

I will not be adding new posts to this blog. I have decided to combine this blog with my other blog The Literary Lioness

For years I tried to write two blogs including the necessary social media accounts and it was just too much, especially since I had multiple social media accounts for TWO blogs, plus my personal accounts. 


This became overwhelming, especially after I became ill in the fall of 2015.

I also wanted to move to "self-hosted" WordPress, and I decided to only move one blog. 


I will post about New Jersey, books, writing and movies all in one place!

I will still be restoring photos to this blog that were removed during The Great Photobucket Purge. I will also occasionally update an old post with new material.

To find out more about moving my blog, I am writing about it in the About section of The Literary Lioness. 

You can now join me in my continuing blogging journey at The Literary Lioness.


UPDATE 2022:

Ignore everything I wrote above the UPDATE.


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Thanks for visiting New Jersey Memories!