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May 14, 2015


 Morley Safer And Modern Art


I grew up watching 60 Minutes on CBS (Channel 2 in New York).

My parents would watch the show every Sunday night, and so I watched it with them. 


It is a show that has a style all its own -- just like The New York Times and The New Yorker. Mike Wallace, Morley Safer, "Gunga Dan" Rather, Andy Rooney, Harry Reasoner,  Point/Counterpoint -- I remember it all.

On Tuesday, I posted about art at The Montclair Art Museum. I really liked all of the sculptures on the front lawn. I thought they were creative and interesting. 

However, I have always remembered a controversial 1993 60 Minutes story on modern art by Morley Safer. It has probably become his most famous story, because it playfully skewered the pretentiousness of some modern art and art criticism. 

Here is the infamous 1993 episode:


For some reason, Safer did not do a follow-up on the story until 2012. This one is fun, too. 

You can watch the follow up here when you click Watch on YouTube: 


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  1. I've decided to become a minimal artist. I thought I had no talent. Silly me.

  2. i am old fashioned and i don't "get" some of the more modern art. i just like ART pretty paintings of flowers and landscapes!!!

    1. I love pretty paintings, too, although some modern art is very interesting. I don't think the urinals are really art, though. :)

  3. Art in different forms for me is art, some artists today are weird and they make claims that what they do is art which is for me is not, art has its ethics and bar, you should abide the rules as an artist right? knowing where to break it and where to stay on it. :)

    1. I guess there is a place for every kind of art :)