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It's May in Montclair!

It's May in Montclair!

Montclair, New Jersey celebrates May every year with a month-long celebration!

Every day for the entire month there are many interesting events happening: fairs, book sales, gardens, concerts, films, etc.

Montclair is a beautiful town and the town flower is the tulip. Over 20,000 tulips have been planted around town. 

Montclair has a strong commitment to the arts: there is a film festival, and it is the only town I know where there are lines to enter used book sales.

The 2015 Montclair Film Festival also runs from May 1st to May 10th, Since Montclair is a town with many famous residents, you might see celebrities at these events, and great films, of course!

You can read more about the May in Montclair celebrations here.

You can read all about the Montclair Film Festival here.


  1. i did not know much about this area, until i "met" you!! it sounds like an awesome place to live!!!

    1. The Montclair area is indeed very nice! Montclair is a pretty awesome town.


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