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April 02, 2015


WCBS-TV New York Celebrates 1970s

WCBS-TV New York Celebrates New York and New Jersey

In the 1970s we still had local television, not just the local news. 


Here is WCBS-TV New York (Channel 2) in New York celebrating New York:


And here they are with several short spots  celebrating New York and New Jersey! 


I have intensely nostalgic feelings watching these videos. I remember them so well. 


They played constantly on Channel 2, especially late at night. I was so young, both of my parents were still alive, and watching TV was fun! 


Now I'm not so young, my parents are both gone, and I rarely watch television.


I’m glad to find these treasures on YouTube, especially because most people didn’t have VCRs yet and so much of it was not recorded. 


I really miss local New York television, which really doesn’t exist anymore. 


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