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Hot Dog Johnny's . . . in Buttzville

Hot Dog Johnny's

In our meanderings around Warren County last October, especially after our visits to Belvidere last fall, we somehow always ended up in Buttzville on our way home. 


Yes, that is the name of a census-designated place within rural White Township, New Jersey. 

The name is indeed bizarre. However, Buttzville was named after the Michael Robert Buttz, who founded the village in 1839. 
White Township was named after Alexander White, who built a mansion in the area. 

It was all rather confusing to the poor GPS on my phone, which insisted that we were actually in nearby Belvidere. I guess my GPS likes Belvidere! 

Anyway, Buttzville, despite only having 146 residents, has a unique attraction: Hot Dog Johnny’s! 

Hot Dog Johnny's

The legendary Hot Dog Johnny’s has been family owned and operated since the family started out of a little hut near the rural part of Route 46. They quickly outgrew that stand, and set up shop right on Route 46.

They are considered one of the most popular roadside attractions in the United States. You can visit their website and order some rather hilarious merchandise. There was a cute article about the place here.

Also, if you are in the area, you can have some delicious hot dogs, French fries, and birch beer – or buttermilk if you prefer. We always ask to have our hot dogs “with everything.”

They are open year-round. Cash only! No menu! Service: abrupt. They are busy! Know what you want when you get to the window!

Hot Dog Johnny's is located on the banks of the Pequest River

Hot Dog Johnny's


  1. what a GREAT spot, i really want to go!!! and since i am from new jersey, i WILL know what i want, when i get to the top of the line ;)

    have a wonderful sunday!!!!


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