Cherry Blossoms in Branch Brook Park on April 28, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 / 24 comments
 photo CherryBlossoms_4_28_15 - 5_zpstptjfx0t.jpg
Cherry Blossoms with Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

The cherry blossoms in Branch Brook Park have been a bit slow in blooming this year, due to the very cold and harsh winter we had.

The dark pink ones have been reluctant to bloom, but some of the others are near or getting past their peak bloom.

Hopefully, the dark pink ones will bloom soon.

These photos were taken on Tuesday, April 28, 2015.

 photo CherryBlossoms_4_28_15 - 4_zpsl9tfznwn.jpg
The cherry trees can have beautiful branches

 photo CherryBlossoms_4_28_15 - 3_zpsnttxdw00.jpg
Cherry Blossoms in Newark, NJ

 photo CherryBlossoms_4_28_15 - 1_zpsmv2fjluf.jpg
Cherry Blossoms in Newark, NJ

 photo CherryBlossoms_4_28_15 - 2_zpskbnecqq2.jpg
Cherry Blossoms in Newark, NJ

You can read about the historic cherry blossoms trees and the history of the park here

You can see my other cherry blossom photos here.  

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  1. Gorgeous! Our cherries haven't bloomed yet.

  2. Nice photos have a bloomintastic week :-)

  3. Such pretty shots.

  4. Gorgeous photos - thank you so much for posting them. I hope you'll come by and share.

  5. Light pink or dark pink they sure look pretty to me!

  6. I tell people about the cell phone towers along the Garden State Parkway that they tried to disguise as trees. I haven't been back to Jersey in a while, but I assume they're still there. Have you ever taken a picture?

    1. I've seen those trees, they are not just on the Parkway. I see them everywhere.

  7. Lovely whether they are light or dark PINK blooms.
    JM, IL

  8. Beautiful photography of the trees in bloom.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow. Your cherry blossoms are gorgeous. Ours have faded and we now have cottonwood "snow".

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  10. oooooo, i can't believe i missed it....but really, i didn't!!! thanks, but where are all the people?!?!

    1. There have been plenty of visitors, although not that many near the cathedral. They tend to go near the cherry blossom welcome center.

  11. Such a beautifyl place. I can imagen it's great to walk there and just be calm of all the nature.


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