You Deserve A Break Today Commercial | Television

March 26, 2015

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You Deserve A Break Today

McDonald’s is struggling nowadays in the market. 


Perhaps they should drop that idiotic campaign and extremely stale “I’m lovin’ it” and go back to this classic from the 1970s, with a new cast, of course.


Oh, right they can’t, because for some stupid reason they abandoned the rights to the song.

This advertisement is filled with very talented performers. 


I spy John Amos (appearing at the time in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and future father in Good Times), Anson Williams (future Potsie in Happy Days), John Wheeler (the manager with the operatic voice, I remember him singing operatically as part of Felix's opera club in The Odd Couple), Johnny Haymer, future actor in M*A*S*H ("Put a shine on the floor!”) and the wonderful character actor Robert Ridgely (with the clean burger machine!) 

I’m trying to figure out the others, especially the actor who opens the commercial. He looks familiar. 

This commercial was immensely successful and influential, and the best campaign McDonald’s ever had. 


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