The Buzz Aldrin Rock

Monday, July 21, 2014 / 2 comments
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On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first two men to walk on the moon. Yesterday marked the 45th anniversary of that historic feat.

Buzz was from Montclair, New Jersey, and he had attended the township schools and is probably the most famous graduate of Montclair High School (which has many distinguished graduates).

His mother's maiden name was Marion Moon. Yes, Moon. If you don't believe me, you can read this article about Buzz where he swears it's the truth.

The town was wildly proud of him, and in September of that year they threw a "Buzz Aldrin Day" celebration, complete with parade, and dedicated a rock in front of his lovely childhood home.

Apparently, it's not a moon rock.

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