Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush

July 06, 2014

The first time I remember seeing and hearing the English singer-songwriter Kate Bush was on Saturday Night Live in 1978. She was a bit older than me but still a teenager and she sang very well and I thought she was talented in a quirky way. 

I'd never seen anything quite like it before and I didn't know what to make of her. However, I was very impressed with her talent. After all, I still remember it all of these years later. 

I've never seen that broadcast again. It's currently available on Hulu Plus. I guess I really will have to subscribe one day.

I bought a couple of her albums but then she seemed to fade away . . .

Actually, she became quite a big star in England, but rarely appeared in the United States, apparently because of a fear of flying. I must admit that I started to forget about her.

This was the song that first made her famous in England. She is playing a ghost in "Wuthering Heights."  Be prepared, it is rather unusual:

Now you see why I didn't know quite what to make of her when I first saw her? She was different.

I became aware of her again because of her 1985 song “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” and the accompanying Very Strange Video (at the top of this post). I became quite obsessed with this song. It was Kate at her eccentric best, complete with the very 1980s synthesizers.

I was fascinated by her again. It is a haunting song, and the lyrics have been interpreted many different ways

Apparently she becomes deeply involved in many stages of her music: writing, performing, choreography, producing, set design, etc. She has really exercised great control over her career. She's nobody's puppet.

You can see more videos by Kate Bush on her official YouTube Channel: 

Kate Bush Music 

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  1. Kate Bush was one of my favourites too I always liked that she was just a normal girl in the limelight and never turned into a diva like some do, she is touring the UK again and is here in London during August ;-)

    Have a tanfabulous week ahead and thanks for waltzing by ;-)

    1. Yes, she seems to be in total control, but not in a diva kind of way. Very creative person.

  2. I must admit, Kate Bush is new-to-me, but I totally get having a fear of flying. That's why I'm not famous, either. Okay, forget famous, but it does make me not very well traveled for sure, right? lol Gr8 to see you on the dance floor with the 4M crew!

    1. Thank you! I'm not that crazy about flying, either. I find it best just not to look out the windows : )

  3. She has a wonderful voice to be able to sing so hauntingly I would say... and yet so dramatic. She's new for me and the songs. Thanks for joining us and have a rockin' week.

    1. Yes, she does have a wonderful voice. A fine songwriter, too.

  4. I'm currently in a hotel with horrible internet. It won't let her videos pull up. If she was a teenager but a little older than you in 1978, I bet we're close in age.

    1. We probably are. Hopefully you'll be getting internet soon!

  5. Oh yea I need to do some jump roping since I can't run right now.

    Very good selections!

    Thank you for joining with us.

    Happy Summer :)

  6. Kate bush is new to me thanks for sharing.

  7. SHe is different indeed but I think I like her sound.
    New to me as well.


  8. wow she is new to me but lovely voice. Must go find more about her.


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