Making Honey At Delicious Orchards

May 13, 2014

 photo DeliciousOrchardsBees1_zps93c18115.jpg

Remember Delicious Orchards? I wrote about them in 2012. It is a wonderful gourmet country food market where you can get delicious produce, doughnuts, etc. They also make their own honey right inside the store. The bees come through a tube in the wall and go into a “beehive” and produce fresh honey.

 photo DeliciousOrchardsBees4_zps98d6b374.jpg

 photo DeliciousOrchardsBees2_zpsee4ea96c.jpg
 photo DeliciousOrchardsBees3_zpsed4a9993.jpg

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  1. What a great series of pics....... Love them, and I love honey!!

  2. That is an amazing story, my husband used to work on a honey bee farm, but this is such a different way to show all the bees at work. Thanks for sharing your story!! I found your blog on Be There 2day.

    Hope you can stop by this week,


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