February 10, 2014

Shop-Rite Supermarket | West Caldwell, New Jersey


The West Caldwell ShopRite Is Special


The ShopRite supermarket in West Caldwell, New Jersey is unique. 

First of all, it must be an old ShopRite, because it still has the hyphen in the name. 

That is why I included the hyphen in the title of this post, even though the hyphen is not used anymore.

According to a January 31st article in The Chronicle of Higher Education: 

In American advertising lingo, rite makes mite. Or maybe might. The ShopRite grocery chain is the first rite I can remember. ShopRite is a postwar neologism; for a while in the fifties and sixties, the name was spelled with a hyphen (Shop-Rite), after which the logo lost its hyphen but kept the internal cap. 

I am always interested in design and architecture. 
Whoever built or designed this ShopRite made it with a Japanese design.
I've been told that the owner at the time really liked this decor style.
Not only does the front of the store have an Japanese theme, but it even has endearing matching phone booths
One of the phone booths still has a working phone. 

Even on the inside, the Japanese design theme continues. 
I blatantly took pictures with my camera on the outside, but I don’t think I’m supposed to take photos inside the store, so I sneaked around the store taking took the last two photos with my crappy old  cell phone.


phone booths

phone booths


Sayonara sign

UPDATE 2022: There have supposedly been plans for a bigger ShopRite and to tear this one down, according to this 2021 article from JerseyDigs.


The Market Report gives a 2021 TOUR of this particular store.  

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February 01, 2014

The Super Bowl Is In New Jersey!

Super Bowl logo

The Super Bowl Is Being Played In New Jersey


I love New York! I really do! It is my favorite large city. 

I've spent a great deal of time in NYC in my life, and I love it. 

But despite what the NFL and the City of New York are trying to do, The Super Bowl is in New Jersey

Now, I completely understand that most fans are staying in New York City. 

The area around the stadium where The Big Game is being played is hardly a tourist mecca, although there are some very nice towns near MetLife Stadium


There are far more hotel rooms in NYC. It will give a chance for fans to see New York. There are many wonderful things to do in New York.


The actual game, however, is being played in New Jersey.


Take that NFL!



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