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Lambert Castle, Part 2

 photo LambertCastlePatersonNJ13_zps37637e21.jpg

Last week I showed you some exteriors of Lambert Castle in Paterson, New Jersey. This week I will show you some of the lovely interiors of the castle. 

The stained glass window in the last photo was created in tribute to a Lambert daughter, who died when she was 24.

Despite their wealth, the Lambert family  suffered many tragedies. 

 photo LambertCastlePatersonNJ8_zpsbadc9b7b.jpg
 photo LambertCastlePatersonNJ14_zpsf74325c4.jpg
 photo LambertCastlePatersonNJ9_zps1121b96b.jpg
 photo LambertCastlePatersonNJ10_zps730f9e34.jpg
 photo LambertCastlePatersonNJ11_zps9c3d853b.jpg
 photo LambertCastlePatersonNJ12_zpsa8ce1a6a.jpg
 photo LambertCastlePatersonNJ15_zps7e203a91.jpg

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  1. Beautiful photos! I like the contrasting peach and mint colours of the first room, and the stained glass is lovely, Must be breathtaking in person. Happy WW

  2. whoa, what a crazy place to call home...

  3. WOW! such a beautiful castle. :)

  4. lovely castle...I have always dreamed of living in a castle..

  5. Beautiful Photos! Sad to hear of the tragedy though! Sometimes the most loveliest places are very haunted! :(

    Happy Wordless Wednesday, Didn't see a linky, but if you want to check out mine it's here:

  6. Oh wow gorgeous pictures you took! I have some pictures too but they have crafts in all the rooms. I had no idea the stained glass window was a tribute to Lambert’s daughter.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, it's a sad but beautiful tribute.

  7. Such lovely images of an exquisite place!


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