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Historic Speedwell in Morristown

 photo SpeedwellVillage9_zps8c31d025.jpg

Historic Speedwell is a beautiful 7.5 acre park which includes the former Speedwell Ironworks and Speedwell Village, in historic Morristown, NJ. 

This is the place where the first electric telegraph was demonstrated. Before the Internet, before television, before radio, and even before the telephone – the telegraph eventually allowed a way to almost instantly transmit messages across the country and even overseas. This is one of the most critical inventions – ever!

Stephen Vail was the proprietor of the Speedwell Ironworks. Stephen Vail’s son, Alfred, helped Samuel Morse perfect the telegraph.

 photo SpeedwellVillage15_zps8f62a922.jpg
 photo SpeedwellVillage4_zpsf87b494c.jpg
 photo SpeedwellVillage3_zps738d8482.jpg
 photo SpeedwellVillage7_zps6fd5bc78.jpg
 photo SpeedwellVillage12_zpsb97db717.jpg
 photo SpeedwellVillage13_zps96e86adb.jpg
 photo SpeedwellVillage11_zps3fc8b513.jpg
 photo SpeedwellVillage10_zps2e2f4613.jpg
 photo SpeedwellVillage8_zps1e155d80.jpg
 photo SpeedwellVillage6_zps0f46df5e.jpg
 photo SpeedwellVillage5_zps8cf1d986.jpg
 photo SpeedwellVillage14_zps0ed0111b.jpg
 photo SpeedwellVillage16_zps40dc6af3.jpg

If you are in the area, I heartily recommend a visit! To read more about Speedwell Village, check out: 

Historic Speedwell Village: Birthplace of the Telegraph 

A Forgotten History: Alfred Vail and Samuel Morse 

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  1. ok, never been there either!
    love that red barn in the 5th pic.

  2. Loved your interesting tour...I am on the west coast and enjoy reading about these places I would love to visit. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog~I am following yours now too:)

    1. Thank you so much! Perhaps you will visit New Jersey one day!

  3. So there is some history in the US after all. ;)
    Nice shots and it really looks interesting.

    You are welcome to check out a report from a recent trip to Rome at my blog. Have fun and keep blogging!

    1. There is plenty of history in the United States :)

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

  4. nice pics. I find it interesting to read about different places around the world.

  5. Oh wow. Another beautiful place to visit.

  6. That's a beautiful place. I love the last picture. So lovely!

    Just bloghopping! ;o)

  7. A beautiful place to visit

    My entry is here.

  8. What an amazing looking place! I love to visit historical places! Maybe one day I'll make it to Jersey!!


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