Glenmont, Llewellyn Park, West Orange

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Thomas Edison purchased a large estate, Glenmont, in 1886. The estate is located in the exclusive gated community, Llewellyn Park, in West Orange, New Jersey. It is very close to his laboratories. Edison and his wife and children lived in this house, and many famous people visited the Edisons.

Edison's son, Charles, became governor of New Jersey in 1940 and served in the cabinet of Franklin Roosevelt, as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy and then as Acting Secretary of the Navy. 

Thomas Edison died at Glenmont in 1931. 

You can visit Glenmont but you must visit the laboratories first to get a pass (it is a gated community). The grounds and surrounding area are beautiful. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside, but it is worthwhile to visit to see how the Edisons lived. 

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