Thomas Edison Laboratories, West Orange

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 photo ThomasEdisonLabs9_zps37zxsvks.jpg

Thomas Edison's laboratories in West Orange are always interesting to visit. He was the greatest inventor of all time.

Here you can see the outside of some of the buildings.

 photo ThomasEdisonLabs8_zpsbfzi6zfr.jpg

 photo ThomasEdisonLabs7_zpsrv5cxeay.jpg

 photo ThomasEdisonLabs6_zpsjgh48idf.jpg

A visit to his labs:

 photo ThomasEdisonLabs1_zpsfsg0bjpi.jpg

 photo ThomasEdisonLabs2_zps6dmagtct.jpg
 photo ThomasEdisonLabs3_zpslwwd9sui.jpg
 photo ThomasEdisonLabs4_zpsdiqg5uxn.jpg

 photo ThomasEdisonLabs5_zpswsoirhlo.jpg

Edison was a relentless worker and slept for only a few hours at night.

In one of the buildings you can see the timeclock:

 photo ThomasEdisonLabs12_zpsuma9vf4r.jpg

The library at the labs . . .

 photo ThomasEdisonLabs10_zpspexrqatw.jpg

. . . and the corner of the library where he took his famous "catnaps"

 photo ThomasEdisonLabs11_zpsdkhz4mpx.jpg

I heartily recommend a visit to Edison's laboratories and his home, Glenmont. To find out more, click here.

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