Thomas Edison, Inventor

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Thomas Alva Edison is well known for inventing or being part of inventing many things, including the incandescent light bulb, the movie camera, the phonograph, stock-tickers, and many others. His inventions changed the world more than any other inventor before or since. 

Edison was known as the “Wizard of Menlo Park” because many of his most famous inventions occurred first in Newark, and then in Menlo Park, New Jersey (Menlo Park has since been renamed Edison, New Jersey).

In the 1880’s Edison moved to West Orange, New Jersey. He bought a home, Glenmont, and established his laboratories nearby.The West Orange facility and his home are now part of the Thomas Edison Historic Site.

The place is fascinating, and I urge anyone spending any time in New Jersey to visit! 

Today I show some photos of products that are currently on display! 

 photo ThomasEdisonSite4_zpsscdf81uv.jpg
 photo ThomasEdisonSite2_zpszp4le5nk.jpg
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Over the next week, I’ll post more photos about this magnificent place! 

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