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Dey Mansion, Wayne, New Jersey

 photo DeyMansion19_zpsvo86effb.jpg

The Dey Mansion in Wayne, New Jersey, was the temporary headquarters for George Washington during the Revolutionary War. 

Dey Mansion is now part of the Passaic County Park System. 

George Washington wrote over 300 letters in the front room (which served as his office). George Washington also slept here! (George slept all over New Jersey!)

 photo DeyMansion16_zpsbl9vyzrh.jpg
 photo DeyMansion17_zpsn20wc8vm.jpg
 photo DeyMansion18_zps7d5bmzsf.jpg
 photo DeyMansion1_zpsbvytyxkq.jpg
 photo DeyMansion2_zpsqm00yqma.jpg
 photo DeyMansion3_zpsmuppx2hk.jpg
 photo DeyMansion4_zpsxsp6dwpt.jpg
 photo DeyMansion5_zpsnmwgccje.jpg
 photo DeyMansion6_zpsj5f3c9bn.jpg
 photo DeyMansion7_zpsvf9sd8gn.jpg
 photo DeyMansion8_zpsu2u1nvlm.jpg
 photo DeyMansion9_zpseheljls4.jpg
 photo DeyMansion10_zpsxpcdicy4.jpg
 photo DeyMansion11_zpsiooqgkw1.jpg
 photo DeyMansion12_zps79b3edpz.jpg
 photo DeyMansion13_zps5rrbfkr6.jpg
 photo DeyMansion14_zps5frgpemw.jpg
 photo DeyMansion15_zpsvwmpm6r6.jpg

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  1. The ghost of George Washington can be seen in the misty dusk of morning marching in Dey Hill Farms. Many neighbors claimed to have seen the ghost of George Washington in Dey Hill Farms in a military old fashioned 1776 outfit with grey hair tied in a ponytail holding a rifle while marching.


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