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The Cape May Lighthouse

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The iconic Cape May Lighthouse in Cape May Point at the southern tip of New Jersey has lighted the way for about 180 years.

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You must climb 199 steps to the top -- and we did it!

The first picture below is the light at the top of the lighthouse. It is a working automated light.

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The view from the top is spectacular. On one side is the Delaware Bay, with the state of Delaware in the distance, approximately 14 miles away. One day I hope to take the ferry ride from Cape May, NJ to Lewes, Delaware. We just didn't have time on this visit.

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On the other side is the Atlantic Ocean. The large building on the beach is a World War II gun encampment. 

The inscription on the nearby sign nearby says:

This WWII bunker served as a gun emplacement and the round turrets on either side held 6-inch guns. The horseshoe-shaped structures, which can be seen out in front at low tide, are Panama mounts. They were built in 1941, prior to the construction of the more permanent bunker and held four 155mm coast artillery guns. A sister bunker stands across the bay in Lewes, Delaware.

At the time of construction in 1942, this bunker was covered with sod and stood on high ground 900 feet from the ocean. Built of reinforced concrete, the roof and walls are 6 feet thick. Erosion and storms have washed away the land in front of and under the bunker. How long can the pilings, meant only to stabilize, support the bunker weighing thousands of tons?

 photo CapeMayLighthouse6_zpsvvtr58tx.jpg
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