The Painted Ladies of Cape May!

July 15, 2012

The Chalfonte Hotel, Cape May, New Jersey

The Painted Ladies


Lovely Cape May, New Jersey has one of the largest collections of Victorian homes in the United States. 


The entire town has been designated a historic landmark, mostly because of the Victorian homes.

Cape May is considered by some to be America's first summer resort. 

The Victorian homes were mostly built after a terrible fire which destroyed much of the downtown area in 1878.

These homes are brightly painted with gingerbread trimmings and many are now serving as bed-and-breakfasts. 


In the photo above you can see the Chalfonte Hotel which has a long history in the town.


Mark (my husband) and I only had one day to devote to Cape May and we also wanted to see the lighthouse, so time was limited. It was also very hot outside.

We decided to take the Cape May Trolley to view the town. 


All of the photos were taken while riding on the trolley, so please forgive me if some of the pictures are crooked and the tops of some of the buildings are cut off!

Cape May trolley

Cape May, New Jersey house

Cape May, New Jersey house

Cape May, New Jersey house

Cape May, New Jersey house

Cape May, New Jersey house

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