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Georgian Court University

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Georgian Court University is a private Catholic University located in Lakewood, New Jersey. There are many lovely college campuses in the United States, but I think that Georgian Court's campus is one of the best kept secrets in the country!

Situated on the former estate of George Jay Gould only a few miles from the magnificent Jersey shore and is also part of the famous New Jersey Pinelands. The campus is breathtaking. 

However, what makes it extra special are the gardens: The Sister Mary Grace Burns Arboretum. This has helped to make this campus a National Historic Landmark. The campus has several gardens: the Italian, Japanese, Sunken, Formal, and Founders Grove. 

All are well worth a visit!

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Please read more about Georgian Court University here. The marvelously detailed website will tell you all about the history of Georgian Court, Lakewood, and everything you might want to know about the university.

Please read about the Sister Mary Grace Burns Arboretum here. You can download a copy of their 2012 color brochure on that page. 

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