Zenas Crane House In West Caldwell

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 / Leave a Comment
photo ZenasCrane13_zps7gbuokk0.jpg

I took these photos in December at the Zenas Crane House in West Caldwell, which is currently serving as the home of the town historical society. The house is faithful to the furnishings of the period, right down to the chamber pots!

photo ZenasCrane11_zpsaarussx4.jpg

photo ZenasCrane8_zpsi8v7c4bz.jpg

photo ZenasCrane9_zpsgu6cfwuj.jpg

photo ZenasCrane10_zpswfvwbw0r.jpg

photo ZenasCrane1_zps9axux0id.jpg

photo ZenasCrane12_zpswqfiymda.jpg

photo ZenasCrane2_zpspwcryeqj.jpg

photo ZenasCrane14_zpsbvfqdexy.jpg

photo ZenasCrane4_zps0jxp53td.jpg

photo ZenasCrane5_zps8torezf5.jpg

photo ZenasCrane3_zpskhgsipyc.jpg

photo ZenasCrane6_zpspaziquaf.jpg

photo ZenasCrane7_zpsjjuvjrvf.jpg

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