Early Cherry Blossoms!

March 27, 2012

photo CB11_zps5zd8hgg6.jpg

It's great to be back!

The unusually warm weather -- it was over 70 degrees Fahrenheit for several days in New Jersey last week -- encouraged the cherry blossoms in Branch Brook Park to start blossoming early. Branch Brook Park, split between Newark and Belleville, NJ,  actually has more cherry trees than Washington, D.C.! 

Not all of the trees are in bloom yet, but the ones that are blooming are beautiful! Some of the trees have not only beautiful cherry blossoms, but incredibly artistic trunks and branches. I took these photos yesterday (Monday) -- a wild, windy day, but the photographers and artists were out trying to capture the beauty of the cherry blossoms.

photo CB2_zpsvgipspck.jpg

photo CB10_zps8nkp4d5z.jpg

photo CB8_zpslodavxiw.jpg>

photo CB5_zps5qwhrjcl.jpg
photo CB12_zpspdyawszm.jpg

photo CB3_zpszeifshm8.jpg>

photo CB4_zpsgxutbs1l.jpg

photo CB5_zps5qwhrjcl.jpg

photo CB6_zpsdjf9m2bb.jpg

photo CB7_zpssutsfpfa.jpg

photo CB9_zpsi3vqsjf1.jpg

For more about the Newark cherry blossoms, click here.

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  1. In Cherry Hill, NJ you can see a two mile avenue of continuous rows of cherry trees! It is a spectacular display of cherry blossoms for all to enjoy!

    To see a scenic drive-through Chapel Avenue's two-mile avenue of cherry blossoms:

    Driving West on Chapel Avenue


    Driving East on Chapel Avenue


    To see photographs of Chapel Avenue's cherry blossoms:


    To see our “Official” website: