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Thanksgiving In The Country, Part I

photo SergeantsvillePostOffice2_zps5540e502.jpg
Sergeantsville, NJ Post Office

For the last 38 years Sergeantsville, NJ has hosted Thanksgiving In The Country. This is a tour of interesting houses and places in the surrounding countryside. The proceeds benefit the Cleft Palate Unit of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
Sergeantsville (the first syllable is pronounced "surge"), part of Delaware Township in Hunterdon County, is a lovely rural area. Many houses and buildings in the area date to the Revolutionary War days. Many buildings there and in surrounding towns are in the National Register of Historic Places. I was also pleased to see signs on some farms that are designated as preserved farmlands.

Nearby is the famous Green Sergeant’s covered bridge, which we passed through twice but I was unable to photograph (we were on the tour bus and went through the bridge quickly). I will definitely go back for that! It is the last covered bridge in New Jersey.

This year’s tour included an artist’s home, an old house that George Washington slept in (he slept his way all over New Jersey during the Revolutionary War), and a really cool old house with an eclectic mix of modern and old furnishings. I couldn’t take photos inside the houses of course, but tried to take as many photos of the surroundings as I could. Also included was the Methodist church, where a delicious lunch was served, and the Prallsville Mills in Stockton, where a complimentary tea was served.

The photo above is the Sergeantsville Post Office. Below are photos of the General Store, The Sergeantsville Inn, the Methodist Church, some of the houses and countryside, and the Prallsville Mills.

The Sergeantsville Inn, which has been around in one form or another since the 1700's:

photo SergeantsvilleInn2_zpsd0f14698.jpg
The Sergeantsville Inn

The traffic cop:

photo SergeantsvillePoliceOfficer2_zpsdcbe2791.jpg
Sergeantsville Police Officer

The Methodist Church:

photo SergeantsvilleMethodistChurch5_zps8f049d4b.jpg
Sergeantsville Methodist Church, New Jersey

photo SergeantsvilleMethodistChurch6_zps124adce1.jpg
Sergeantsville Methodist Church, New Jersey

The General Store:

photo SergeantsvilleGeneralStore2_zps2be989c1.jpg
Sergeantsville General Store, New Jersey

One of the tour houses and surrounding countryside:

photo SergeantsvilleHouseTour4_zps690d9ccd.jpg
Thanksgiving in the Country House Tour 2011, Sergeantsville, NJ

photo SergeantsvilleHouseTour5_zpsbe95d932.jpg
Thanksgiving in the Country House Tour 2011, Sergeantsville, NJ

photo SergeantsvilleHouseTour6_zpsd70a8e2d.jpg
Thanksgiving in the Country House Tour 2011, Sergeantsville, NJ
The Prallsville Mills in Stockton, NJ:

photo PrallsvilleMills5_zps9a6bc3c6.jpg
Prallsville Mills, Stockton, New Jersey

photo PrallsvilleMills6_zpsff7e9f20.jpg
Prallsville Mills, Stockton, New Jersey

photo PrallsvilleMills7_zps9e227547.jpg
Prallsville Mills, Stockton, New Jersey

photo PrallsvilleMills8_zps441f87d8.jpg
Prallsville Mills, Stockton, New Jersey

More photos next week!

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  1. caite@a lovely shore breezeNovember 8, 2011 at 7:40 PM

    how can i have lived in NJ for 50 years and have no idea where Sergeantsville is?Love the post office!

  2. Isn't the post office wonderful?

    Sergeantsville is part of Delaware Township, near Lambertville and Flemington. It's a lovely area.

  3. I'm also from NJ and never heard of Sergeantsville and had NO idea there were any covered bridges in NJ either. How awesome.
    What a cute looking town and love the way they celebrate Thanksgiving.

  4. Yes, there are either one or two covered bridges still left in NJ.

  5. fascinating! I'll have to find them :)

  6. What a cute town!  I usually visit NJ a few times a year - I will have to check it out!

  7. thanks for linking up tina´s ww!

  8. How very cool!  I live close enough I will have to check this out in the future.  I used to listen to a radio station out of Sergeantsville.

  9. Thanks. They have different house tours every year and I'd love to go every year. It's not inexpensive but it goes for a good cause.

  10. I cant' believe I never came across this post before. Such a lovely aunt and uncle got married in that church!


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