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Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

photo LewisburgDowntown1-800_zpssospsvdi.jpg

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, is a charming place with a downtown that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Famous because of the prestigious Bucknell University, the town is nestled on the banks of the Susquehanna River.

There is a converted and restored woolen mill that contains 125 shops. The downtown movie theater is a single screen art deco palace.

I didn't have much time to investigate the town, although I did manage to visit a bookshop! I hope to go back one day!

photo LewisburgCampusTheater2_zpso1psedho.jpg
photo LewisburgStreetOfShops_zpsqq3lm2yx.jpg
photo LewisburgHotel3_zpsa2u6kwq1.jpg
photo LewisburgHotel4_zpseudthaz8.jpg
photo LewisburgDowntown2-800_zpsvlwjz56t.jpg
photo LewisburgDowntown3-800_zpsnczqcfck.jpg
photo LewisburgDowntown4-800_zpsquyqrxfx.jpg
photo LewisburgDowntown5-800_zpswxpuj1vd.jpg
photo LewisburgDowntown6-800_zpsnv7fmir5.jpg
photo LewisburgDowntown7-800_zpsrfmphdmj.jpg


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  1. Those are great shots!  I love small old towns.  :)

  2. I have been there!
    The home of Bucknell University and the Lewisburg Freral Prison.
    And I was there to visit neither!

    LOVE that red door.

  3. It's adorable. I love that they keep their historic heritage as part of the town.

  4. I wasn't good enough at Math to get in a school like Bucknell, and so far I haven't been to prison yet. I did drive by both Bucknell and the Prison, though.

  5. Love it that you were in my territory -- I live about 45 minutes away. Isn't Lewisburg charming?

  6. I love old small towns like that!  Awesome shots! :)

    Vibrant - and Goofy - Fall

  7. It's adorable. Pennsylvania is a very pretty state.

  8. I was part of Bucknell's poetry festival some years ago, and loved Lewisburg!

  9. I'm very fond of old town, especially the ones that keep part of their original character intact.

  10. Lewisburg is charming. I did drive by Bucknell (some awesome buildings by the way), but couldnt stop to take photos! Maybe next time.


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