Eagle Rock Reservation Tribute to September 11th

September 06, 2011

For this week's Wordless/Wordful Wednesday I am cheating. I am re-posting something I wrote on this blog on September 11, 2009, the eight-year anniversary of September 11th. It was only my third post, and no one was reading this blog then! Read it below after the asterisks (stars).

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Today is September 11th, 2009, the eighth anniversary of that terrible day which will "live in infamy".

Sometimes that horrible day in 2001 seems like yesterday and at other times it feels like a long time ago. So much has happened since then . . .

On that day many locals went to the Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange, NJ to watch the unfolding tragedy. Eagle Rock has a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline.

Now there is a September 11th memorial at that place.

Here is the entrance to the memorial:

Here is a sign:
There are tributes to the firefighters, police, and victims in the Pentagon and in the World Trade Center and on all the planes in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

These memorials in the two following photos are engraved with the names of the New Jersey victims:

Seven trees are planted in honor of the victims lost in the three buildings and four planes destroyed on that day.


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to the victims of 9/11, a day we will never forget.

  2. It is a lovely tribute. New Jersey lost so many citizens that day.

  3. i live nearby and didn't even know this was there (moved here post-9/11) beautiful post.

  4. i used to go to Eagle Rock all the time, but since moving south I have passed it on trips up to my old spots but never saw this memorial. I will stop next time I am up there.

  5. What a beautiful memorial. A day I will never forget. Happy WW!

  6. Good Girl Gone GreenSeptember 7, 2011 at 1:30 AM

    I remember exactly where I was that day and how I found out. It doesn't feel like 10 years!

  7. A very moving tribute, it gave me chills.

    My husband grew up in West Orange, we used to go to Eagle Rock in the days when all it had were happy connotations...

  8. It's right at the top of Eagle Rock, with a great view of Manhattan (but go on a clear day).

  9. They really did a great job with this memorial.

  10. So much has happened since then, and yet it seems like yesterday.

  11. Well, it still has The Highlawn Pavilion and lots of flowers!