Down The Shore at Ocean Grove!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 / 28 comments
 photo OceanGrove19_zpsecs9itji.jpg

During our day in Ocean Grove, down the shore, we wandered around the beach. The powerful Atlantic Ocean had a strong riptide that day. It was also a brutally hot day and hazy, so we couldn't stay long. The beach was not officially open because it was early in the season and there were no lifeguards, although plenty of people were on the beach anyway because of the heat.
If you saw my previous post on Ocean Grove, you will know that it has a strong Methodist camp revival meeting background. We visited the Tabernacle bookstore and chatted with a very nice lady inside, then walked around the town. We had lunch and then I thoroughly enjoyed my root beer float at Days Ice Cream parlour (delicious soft ice cream!), but sadly was too stuffed to eat anything at the adorable bakery. Next time!

Some of the charming aspects of Ocean Grove are the gingerbread-y Victorian hotels and houses -- some of which still bear symbols of their religious history.

There are also cute shops -- and of course the lovely beach.

 photo OceanGrove20_zpsahhnfcaw.jpg
 photo OceanGrove21_zpsqwem5mcs.jpg
 photo OceanGrove22_zps5cgdaosa.jpg
 photo OceanGrove23_zpsim8tg9aj.jpg
 photo OceanGrove24_zpsh1znw7zm.jpg
 photo OceanGrove25_zpscqzyyjmj.jpg
 photo OceanGrove26_zpsuzq4hhtp.jpg
 photo OceanGrove27_zpsnbtmrhl6.jpg
 photo OceanGrove28_zpsi0wrxcej.jpg
 photo VillageKlosetOceanGrovejpg_zpsiac7nulp.jpg
 photo SmugglersCoveOceanGrove_zpsylulvp0j.jpg
 photo OceanGrove31_zpsgduvvtlf.jpg
 photo OceanGrove32_zpssxbgccai.jpg
 photo OceanGrove33_zps0u2e4o1d.jpg
 photo OceanGrove34_zpsufue59fj.jpg

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  1. I think that should be "down da' Shore"

  2. What a great set of photos, lovely buildings and coming from London the beach photos i loved :-)

  3. I LOVE this.  I love that you've captured how pretty it is.  We're originally from NJ and I spent many summers down the shore (LBI mainly and we were married at Point Pleasant).  I hate that so many people seem to think the Jersey shore is only what they see on Mtv.  In reality, there's so much more to it.  Gorgeous shots.  

  4. I love the beach! It's so pretty. The town is quite nice.

  5. That's one of the reasons that I'm doing this blog. I want to show how interesting, diverse, and beautiful New Jersey really is. Thanks!

  6. Beautiful, I'd love to come and visit.  I could do with a trip to a lovely beach right now.

    Mich x

  7. Ocean Grove was one of my favorite places in NJ when I was growing up! (Grew up in Keansburg, NJ.) You've capture the beauty of Ocean Grove nicely. :)

  8. Love those gingerbread houses. Many, many moons ago we had our engagement photos taken on the beach in Ocean Grove.

  9. Definitely looks like summer at the shore!

  10. Very nice photos! If you like join us on *PicStory* this week: outdoor*. Would be glad to see you! :)

  11. That must be lovely photos. I love the gingerbread houses, too.

  12. Beautiful shots! Looks like a wonderful place to visit. I am a an ocean lover!

  13. It is a really nice place to visit. The Atlantic Ocean is so awesome and powerful.

  14. Thanks for joining us with this nice photos on *PicStory* :) Have a great day! LG Tina

  15. Very nice photos!


  16. Having spent my formative years spending vacations on the NJ shore. your site looks sort of familiar. Our vacation spot was on the island of Brigantine, the best beach I remember! Should we get back to the Jersey shore, I'd forego nearby Atlantic City and get back to Brigantine!

  17. My formative years were spent vacationing on the Jersey shore, more specifically the island of Brigantine. Someday, as your views show, the smaller NJ shore town will be revisited!

  18. I was at Brigantine once. It was lovely.

  19. I wish I could visit every shore town! Unfortunately I lack the money to do that! But I'll try my best. :)

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