American Gothic Dentist in Montclair

May 31, 2011

A dentist in Montclair, New Jersey has decided to use an imaginative re-working of the classic Grant Wood painting "American Gothic" on the sign for the dental practice! As soon as I saw the sign I stopped in my tracks and laughed and pulled out the camera.

It's amusing because Grant Wood apparently used his own dentist as the model for the farmer/preacher/whatever. The female model for the daughter was apparently Wood's own sister.

This painting has been parodied endlessly. Remember the ending to the famous opening credits of the immortal TV classic, Green Acres?

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  1. What a creative way to advertise his dentist office. Love it. :) Happy WW!

  2. Very creative! Yeah, make those people smile! :)

    Check out my bonding boys on my entry this week!

    Happy WW!

  3. that's too funny! i've actually seen the original although now i can't recall where it is. chicago maybe?

  4. I love the creativity, too. Very clever.

  5. I love this sign. Hidden away on a quiet street.

  6. I laughed so hard when I read this! It reminded me of our orthodontist.  We had four kids in our family, all who of us needed braces so our family spent a lot of time in his office so became, shall we say 'irreverent?'  Our Sunday newspaper at the time periodically had artistic masterpieces on the front of the Sunday Funnies page (don't ask me why, I guess they were trying to add some culture to our superheros!) Anyway one Sunday there was a huge copy of the Mona Lisa.  My brother saved it and at Christmas time got some silver paint and painted braces over her lips and added a note that said "now we know what's behind her smile"...and added "Merry Christmas" and signed our names.  It was perhaps the most unique Christmas card they ever got--at least while we were there!