The Endless Winter

Thursday, March 10, 2011 / 8 comments

I really, really want winter to just go away! Rain is expected in the next few days, and since the rivers are at, near or past the cresting stage, several nearby towns flood on a regular basis. 

Even though my area doesn't get flooded, it can still affect my area. Read my post from last March to find out why.

The above video was shot a couple of days ago, and with the rain in the next few days, it will only get worse. 

The snow is pretty when it first comes, but we've had snow on the ground for more than two months, and even though most of it is finally gone, there are still hard clumps of it everyone. I'm sick of cold, snow, rain and darkness. I want the warm sun, fluffy white clouds, and beautiful blue skies. I want to hide my heavy winter coat!

I can't wait until spring! I want to see tulips and lilacs and roses! I'm going to go crazy with my new digital camera!


  1. I live in Upstate NY and this winter has been one of the most brutal I've experienced in years!

  2. I am coming back over from Literacy Lioness... I love giveaways even tho I never win!

    Anyway..I live in MN and we get some really bad flooding along our rivers... and it promises to be bad this Spring!

  3. I read thru your blog and enjoyed seeing the pics from another part of this great country.

  4. I've lived in all kinds of climates and I think water damage is the most devestating. That mold smell afterwards never goes away and it's so unhealthy. I agree.... come on summer. Come ON.

  5. I follow New Jersey Memories & The Literary Lioness on GFC - Rita M
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Here from your other blog...I definitely agree about wanting/needing SPRING to arrive!

  7. I can't wait for spring either. This winter was really bad.

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