Morristown, New Jersey is full of history

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 / 3 comments

Beautiful Morristown, New Jersey is a town rich in history and proud of its past. Almost everywhere you go in Morristown, there is another historical landmark.

Morristown was especially important during The Revolutionary War. George Washington commanded troops here. As a matter of fact, Morristown is considered "the military capital of the American Revolution."

The Morristown National Historical Park is devoted to commemorating the activities of George Washington and his troops. The Park consists of Washington's Headquarters, Fort Nonsense, and Jockey Hollow.

Here is George Washington's statue outside of Washington's Headquarters: 

Here is the Ford Mansion, where Washington stayed during the incredibly difficult winter of 1779-1780:

Washington's troops stayed at what is known as Jockey Hollow. The winter of 1779-1780 was brutal. Over TWENTY snowstorms tormented the troops of The Continental Army, who had inadequate clothing and were barely fed. It is still considered the coldest winter in New Jersey history.

Jockey Hollow is a beautiful place, with 27 miles of trails, woods, and The Wick House:

The last photo is of Wick House, which served as officers quarters during the encampment.

Morristown, New Jersey should be every bit as famous in American history as Valley Forge, Concord, or Lexington. If you have any interest in American history, Morristown is well worth a visit.

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