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Mad Librarians

I think this library in a wealthy New Jersey township has some angry librarians. 

Budget cuts have forced the main library to be closed on Mondays, and the tiny branch library (in the exclusive section of Upper Montclair) is ONLY open on Mondays.

Yes, the town has two library buildings.

One of the signs in the next photo (in front of the main library) has the names of the Town Council and how to contact them.

Yes, they're mad.



  1. wow. everybody's getting it. I know Montclair VERY well and I know how wealthy a town it is. craziness.

  2. Wow, they are putting city council out there on this one, but they should. That's how you get things done.

  3. @Saucy B -- every town seems to be hit with budget cuts. Even the rich ones.

  4. @Ms. Understood -- putting the names of the members of the town council just shows how mad the librarians are, although I don't know if it is really the town's fault. Town budgets are getting slashed all over New Jersey because the state is cutting off funding.

  5. Stopping from SITS! We have similar things happening here in South Carolina.

  6. @JDaniel4'sMom -- it's all over the country. I hope this recession ends soon.

  7. I lived in the library growing up! I can't imagine one not being open as often as possible. Isn't it funny the things they'll cut a budget for. Coming over from SITS!

  8. @LBDDiaries -- they'll cut essential services but pay for totally unnecessary things! Thanks for visiting!


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