The "D" Factor

June 03, 2010

I went back to my internist today to find out the results of my tests.
Even though not all of the tests have been completed (the lab forgot to do some!) 

I found out that while I have slightly elevated sugars I do NOT have diabetes (that's the one I was most concerned about -- my father had it). It's a situation that has to be monitored carefully. I am very careful with my sugar intake, though, and I am slim, so hopefully this will not become a problem in the future. I would exercise more, but my pain prevents me from doing so. Perhaps I should go swimming. I might be able to do that without pain. Besides, I really love swimming.

I do, however, have extremely low levels of Vitamin D and am now on a pill regimen to up the intake. The Vitamin D deficiency is important because it may -- and I stress MAY -- be at least partly behind my chronic pain. Ironically, because I don't lie out in the sun, and I use strong sun block when I do because I burn easily, is keeping me from getting enough Vitamin D. So the temporary high-dose pill regimen (twice weekly) is my best bet right now. After surfing the internet it turns out that many Americans have a Vitamin D deficiency.

I was also quite low in Vitamin B12 levels and will be taking daily supplements. The pain is still strong most days. I even struggle to walk from my car to my apartment bill because it's on an small incline -- it should be easily walkable but it's a struggle right now. I feel like I'm about 80 years old. Hopefully this pill regimen will help.

I go back to the internist in six weeks. I am still waiting for the gyno appointment -- what fun! The dental appointment went well. I still need to have some broken back teeth fixed but will have to wait for that. I also plan to go to an eye doctor for an exam. I might as well do it all when I have the chance.