A $68,000,000 Steal!

June 07, 2010

Alpine, New Jersey was listed by Forbes Magazine in 2009 as the "America's Most Expensive Zip Code". Now there is a a house on the market that may just be the cozy nest you are looking for!

The house includes a basketball court (which can be converted into a ice-skating rink), movie theater, ballroom, and has a garage that can hold 11 cars. It is nestled on six beautiful acres. Click the above video to see!

It really is a beautiful house.


  1. Good God! What an awesome house. It sounds like it was a labor of love just to get it built. Did they say it was just too big for his wife and him? Dude, build a smaller house then! I think even if I won the lottery, I couldn't afford it.

  2. @Kathy -- I love big houses, but that's too big. My ideal house would have a separate library for my thousands of books, but a ballroom? a basketball court? He seems like a nice enough guy, but all that for two people?

  3. I can't see the video on my phone, but it sounds amazing. I can only imagine the electric bill on that place.

  4. @Ms. Understood -- I'm sorry that you can't see it on your phone -- hopefully you can see the photos I've added! Yes, the upkeep on a place like that must be tremendous.