New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission -- geniuses in action!

April 24, 2010

Mail truck


I recently applied through the MVC website to send me address stickers for my NJ Driver's License. (I had recently moved). 


When I filled out the online form, it asked me for my street address and my mailing address. 
I filled out the form correctly, believing that my STREET address would be on the stickers and they would be MAILED to my mailing address (which is a P.O. Box).
Guess what??? The geniuses at the MVC sent me stickers with the P.O. Box on them! I called them right away, and the woman at the MVC said that your mailing address is what they put on the stickers!

Now what's wrong with this picture? First of all, I don't want a P.O. Box on my Driver's License. What if I need to show identification to a policeman?

Also, what if my mailing address was in another state? Would the brilliant MVC put an address from another state on my license?

This reminds me of the trouble I had with the same post office several years ago, when I moved across town and they insisted on sending all my mail to Newark for several months. 
But that's another story . . .