Stormy Weather

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 / 2 comments

Mark and I both worked on Saturday night and left work shortly after 9:30. The Northeast was having a vicious storm. When we walked to our car I could hardly hold on to the umbrella, because the wind was ferocious.
When we arrived near our home, we noticed that barriers had been set up denying people access to the ONE road leading to our place. 

Mark carefully drove around the barriers but there were more barriers further on. It soon became obvious why we were not allowed to proceed. There were large downed electrical wires on the ground. 

We decided to go to Starbucks, hoping that when we came back we could go home. But when we came back it was obvious that we could not proceed. A large electrical fire had developed at the end of our block, caused by 13,000 volts of electricity caused by the downed wires. 

We went further up the road to investigate going through the woods on the other side. But there was a rushing torrent of water flowing through the woods! There was no way we were fording that stream, especially with the huge electrical fire nearby. We might have been electrocuted.

We then retreated to a 24/7 diner a few blocks away, where we couldn't decide what to order--we weren't that hungry, having just eaten at Starbucks! When I couldn't decide what to eat, the waiter grew visibly irritated and ignored us for the next half-hour. Finally we beckoned for him to get our order: hot tea, bagels, and buttered toast.

"Thanks," he said snippily. Huh. Somebody's grumpy. Guess we made him wait too long and then ordered too little.

From our window we could see the electrical fire lighting up the night sky. When we went back to our street the fire had calmed down. 

We drove around and around trying to find another way onto our apartment complex. We finally located a condo complex directly behind our parking lot. 

We still had to go through the woods in the dark, wading through rushing water (but a much smaller stream) and finally got to our place. 

It was now after 3 AM (because we SPRANG FORWARD an hour on Saturday night). But we were finally home. Of course our electricity was out but all we wanted to do was sleep at that point. We ended up spending the next night at Mark's mother's house. We finally had heat, electricity and hot water on Tuesday night.

I kept thinking about being at the A&P the other night and having our bill be exactly $6.66. Were we unlucky? But actually we weren't. At least we weren't flooded out like the people in the above video!


  1. That's such a crazy experience!

    There's definitely a reason they put up those signs!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  2. Karen -- those live wires and downed trees were scary. It was a memorable night.

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