One Year Ago Today

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 / Leave a Comment

It happened one year ago today. I had taken a shower and was getting ready to go out. 

Because we are very poor, my life partner Mark and I live in a very small room, which serves as a living room/dining room/bedroom/office. 

It is rather crowded with furniture, books, and computer paraphernalia.I was rushing around to get ready to go out with Mark to do --- laundry! That's how I was spending my day off from work! Anyway, in my mad rush to get ready, I raced out of the bathroom and DID NOT PUT MY SLIPPERS ON.

Mark has a gigantic round glass dining-room table, which at that time was in the middle of the room. I skidded on my wet feet and my left foot smacked directly into the wrought-iron chair legs. The chair leg went right between my two smallest toes and my toes wrenched apart. I could feel something tearing inside my foot. I screamed in pain because it really hurt!

"What's the matter?" Mark cried, as he ran out of the closet-sized kitchen.

I was sitting down now, holding my foot, crying in pain. "I really banged my foot on this stupid chair!" The pain was intense. I limped back to bed. I figured the pain would go away in awhile. 

Mark looked at me skeptically. "We really need to do this laundry." I just looked at him. "I can't even walk! How can I go do the laundry?"

Mark finally realized that I was too injured to move. He went to the laundromat. We both thought that I would feel better in awhile, that the pain was just temporary, like a badly stubbed toe. I lay in bed, but the pain seemed to get worse.

The next two days I called in sick to work. I could not walk. "You know, I'm going to have to see a doctor," I told Mark. "If I'm absent from work for three days or longer, I have to have a doctor's note." 

By the time I went to the podiatrist Mark had to help me hobble into the office. I simply could not walk from the car on my own. The doctor took X-rays and showed us the results. I had a broken foot! This explained why it was so painful. That "tearing" feeling was actually a bone breaking!

It would take four-to-six weeks to heal, with new strapping applied weekly. 

That stupid table has been moved into the corner of the living room/dining room/bedroom/office.

I have also learned to wear my slippers. 


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