Friday the 13th

Saturday, March 13, 2010 / Leave a Comment

All right, I know what you're thinking. Today is SATURDAY the 13th. But one year ago today -- on Friday the 13th -- some more drama happened in my life.
If you read my post of March 9th, you'll know that I had just broken my foot. I was lying in my bed at home in great pain, with my newly splinted foot propped up on a pillow. My boyfriend Mark was rushing around doing errands. 

I was having a great deal of trouble walking but I finally managed to hobble over to the bathroom. It was the highlight of the day for me, and took quite a long time. Of course, I forgot to bring my cell phone on my one trip out of bed all day, and of course when I came back to bed I saw that I had a new message. I had begun to be a little concerned over not hearing from Mark after I called him and received no answer.

As soon as I listened to the message my heart nearly stopped: Mark had been in an accident and while he was all right physically his car was TOTALED. His beautiful black Camry was demolished. He was now in the hospital being tested. 

Of course, I couldn't rush to the hospital because I could not walk further than a few feet. I tried frantically to call him but he didn't answer which made me even more worried. I knew that he said that he wasn't hurt but when I heard that his car was wrecked I knew that he would be devastated. You know how men are about their cars.

I finally texted him and he texted back. Apparently his cell phone did not operate properly in the hospital. I texted him that he was far more important than any car and we would deal with it. 

The important thing was that he was all right physically. I was worried about how he was dealing with it emotionally but I figured that I would deal with it later. His sister picked him up from the hospital and drove him home. The emotional fallout was about to begin.


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