March 10, 2010

Old New Jersey Memories

Two Guys Department Store

New Jersey Memories


Did you grow up in New Jersey? Do you have memories of places that no longer exist?

I grew up in the 1970's in Morris County, New Jersey. 


I practically grew up on Brookdale Soda


I hardly knew that Coke and Pepsi even existed! 

Farms still existed in East Hanover! 


I remember my mother buying milk at Lone Pine Farms in their little shop. I don't think I ever even went into the shop. I would go out to pet the horse.

We would also go to the Two Guys on Route 10 in East Hanover. Route 10 didn't have 1 million stores like it does now. 


I remember Two Guys, Capitol Lighting (which is still there), a miniature golf course, and a few other shops.

When I was very young, Two Guys still had a full-fledged grocery section, where my mother would shop. 

However, I would run around my favorite part of the store -- the toy section! (this was when mothers didn't panic if you lost sight of your kids for a little while). 

I would roam around the toy section, and of course being a devoted reader would always go to the paperbook section, too. 

I collected the little Peanuts paperbacks. I loved Charlie Brown and Snoopy. 


When I got a little older, I would buy 45s in the record section, and felt very old when I graduated to buying the whole albums.

Everything was so inexpensive!

Here is a radio commercial: 



Here is a TV commercial:


The East Hanover Two Guys also had a tiny little section with a miniature bowling alley for kids! 

I loved to play there, even though I wasn't very good. The bowling balls were child-sized and easy to pick up and throw. There were also pinball machines.

I loved going to Two Guys for Christmas to pick out the Christmas tree! 


They had a section in the back for garden supplies, and the trees would be there. My mother remembers the price as being very reasonable for a pretty nice tree.

Also, outside the store was a liquor store (I can't remember the name, or if it was part of Two Guys?), where my father would buy cases of Brookdale Soda


We would always get a variety, and I loved the orange, the lemon-lime and the half-and-half flavors!

I dream very vividly at night (I'm dreaming within seconds of falling asleep!) and sometimes I'll wake up and think about the dream I just had. 


I'll feel that I've been to the place in my dreams before. Then I'll realize that it is Two Guys that I was dreaming about.


UPDATE 2022: Here is a wonderful video from one of my favorite YouTube channels, Recollection Road:


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