November 10, 2010

Railroad Museum | Greenville, Pennsylvania

Railroad Park

Last week I posted some photos from Greenville, PA


Here are some more photos from the Greenville Railroad Park Museum.

train crossing
Greenville Railroad Park & Museum in Pennsylvania

The Gift Shop:

 gift shop

The Switchboard:


For some reason there is an antique car inside this room, hiding behind the counter.

Antique car

To read about the Greenville Railroad Museum, click HERE.



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November 03, 2010

Greenville Railroad Park & Museum | Greenville, Pennsylvania

Railroad Park in Greenville, Pennsylvania.  

Greenville, Pennsylvania Has A Railroad Museum


This past summer I visited the Greenville Railroad Park & Museum in Pennsylvania.

Railroad Park in Greenville, Pennsylvania.

Here is the inside of one of the trains. 


How did they learn the functions of the different knobs? They look so similar.

Railroad Park in Greenville, Pennsylvania.

Here is the switching control board, where one man was in charge for many years. 


It must have been an interesting job, as well as having great responsibility.

October 20, 2010

Greenville, Pennsylvania - looks like old times

dirt road

I was in rural Greenville, Pennsylvania (not far from the Ohio border) a few months ago. These small country towns look almost unchanged in some aspects as they did many years ago.

If I Photoshop the first photo below and make it black and white, it looks like the photo was taken 50 or more years ago:

dirt road

dirt road

I love using Photoshop, although I'm still a relative newbie. 


I took the photo below, which was taken at a distance, and in color:


Then I cropped the photo, showing only the logs, resized the cropped part and made it black and white:

stacked logs

A little blurry, but I'm still learning . . .


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September 20, 2010

Jody Joseph Interview!

Jody Joseph's concert, One Diva...One Legend...One Woman is this Saturday night, September 25th at Brookdale Community College Theater in Lincroft, New Jersey. 


In this show Jody concentrates on singing songs made famous by Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks, in addition to singing some of her own songs. 


If you read my August 17th post about Jody, you will know that she is a very talented singer!


Jody has graciously answered some questions I had about the show!


Jody, you have a very musical background, being related to both Bon Jovi and Mario Lanza! Did your family listen to a lot of music when you were growing up? Who were your favorite artists?

Jody: Yes, my mom and dad always had the radio on-from the minute I woke up til the minute I was told to go to bed. My favorite artists-I was influenced by: Joni Mitchell, Bette Midler, Stevie Nicks, Led Zeppelin, Aztec 2-step, Shirley Bassey-to name a few.

You have a new EP out! Please tell us about the songs on this album.

Jody: This EP is my first Inspirational CD. These songs were actually some of my conversations with God, or as I like to call it, praying. 

In addition to your regular career as a singer, songwriter, and vocal coach. you have developed a musical show: "One Diva...One Legend...One Woman" where you pay tribute to Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks. When did you start emulating Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks? What is it about them that you admire so much?


Jody: The One Diva...One Legend...One Woman show was first performed at The Paramount Theater in Asbury Park NJ on May 30, 2009. Then it was performed at the Gramercy Theater in NYC on Jan 23, 2010 and now it will be at Brookdale on Sept 25th. Throughout my life I have always been told I look or sound just like Stevie Nicks and also sound just like Janis Joplin. I would say it is my audience over the years that planted the seed.

How did you create your show: One Diva...One Legend...One Woman?

Jody: Renee Ludwig happened to be one of those people in the audience one night and it was her concept to put both artists together into one show. I felt it was important not to lose my identity, so I also have a part as myself.

You have an upcoming show on September 25th of One Diva...One Legend...One Woman. Are you planning any more performances of this musical?


Jody: I sure hope so. 


Are tickets still available?


Jody: A limited amount.  


Some of the proceeds from the show are going to Mary’s Place By The Sea. Please tell us about this organization.

Jody: Mary's place by the sea ( was created to give women with cancer a place to rest and revive during and after treatment. Their staff cares for their needs as they work through the demands of their treatment. Guests may stay a few hours or a few days, if needed.

Additionally, they provide Reiki, guided meditation, yoga and spa services. They are a center that focuses on the individual getting well and gaining strength to win the battle with cancer.


Other than your musical, when are your next concerts scheduled?


Jody: I hold an annual Christmas Show in December at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ. It is always a benefit show, and, in the past few years, has benefited Pediatric Cancer Research, Animal Rescue, and this year we are looking at Prevent Child Abuse NJ. The show consists of some of my students and their bands as openers, a mini-concert with my band (The Jody Joseph Band), and approximately 45-50 students in groups or solo. There is always a gift basket auction and a buffet is included in the ticket price.


I want to thank Jody Joseph for agreeing to this interview!

To read more about Jody and her show, and to order tickets, please click here


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August 17, 2010

Jody Joseph Is A Terrific Singer!

Jody Joseph is a very talented singer-songwriter. She is related to both Jon Bon Jovi (her first cousin), and Mario Lanza!  
She obviously comes from a very musical family!
Jody writes and records her own music, but she has also put together a show called One Diva-One-Legend-One Woman
She sings the songs of Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin, two of her biggest musical influences. 
Jody pays tribute to her idols by actually transforming herself physically into these two iconic but totally different singers. 
This concert has received rave reviews. The above video features her in full Stevie mode!

Jody will be presenting this show at Brookdale Community College PAC in Lincroft, New Jersey, on Saturday, September 25th, 2010. Tickets are $30.00.
Part of the proceeds from the concert will to to Mary's Place By The Sea, a place where women can rest during and after treatment for cancer.

You can buy tickets by calling 732-544-8513.

To find out more about Jody, this concert, and the rest of her music, please visit
Jody Joseph's website.
You can read my interview with her here

August 03, 2010

Colorado Mountains | Eagle, Colorado

Eagle, Colorado mountains 

Mark and I decided to visit relatives in Eagle, Colorado


It is a very beautiful place.


The elevation  is over 6000 feet. 

It took us a short time to get used to the elevation, then we roamed around the mountains.

Eagle, Colorado
Eagle, Colorado
Eagle, Colorado
Eagle, Colorado

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July 16, 2010

5 Fun Summer Songs


Summer Songs
Photo by Caleb George on Unsplash

 5 Fun Summer Songs To Make You Very Happy

"Summertime Blues" - by Eddie Cochran. 



"Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer" by Nat King Cole. 



"Summer in the City" by the Lovin' Spoonful. 




"Hot Fun in the Summertime" by Sly and the Family Stone (one of their best although almost everything they did was great!) 



Mungo Jerry: "In the Summertime". You wouldn't get away with the lyrics "a drink and a drive" now! Gotta dig those mutton chops! 



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July 14, 2010

Abandoned Trains in New York State

Abandoned train

Mark and I went on a trip to Cooperstown, New York in July 2009 to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame


As we drove around the beautiful New York State countryside, we discovered these abandoned trains somewhere around the little hamlet of Maryland, New York.

Abandoned train in New York State
Abandoned train in New York State
Abandoned train in New York State
Abandoned train in New York State
Abandoned train in New York State 

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July 07, 2010

Cherry Blossoms (April 2010) | Newark, New Jersey

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms!


Branch Brook Park in Newark, New Jersey hosts the largest cherry blossom festival in the United States every April (yes, even bigger than Washington, D.C). 


It was the first county park opened for public use in The United States.


Cherry Blossom Center
Cherry Blossom Center, Newark, New Jersey
Cherry Blossom Center, Newark, New Jersey
Cherry Blossoms 2010
Cherry Blossoms 2010
Cherry Blossoms 2010
Cherry Blossoms 2010
Cherry Blossoms 2010


You can read more about Branch Brook Park here

Please Read More About The Cherry Blossoms:

Cherry Blossom Pink

The Pink Cherry Blossoms are in Full Bloom (2015)

Cherry Blossom Time (2022)


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July 02, 2010

I Have a Dream!

Martin Luther King Dream
Photo by Raffaele Nicolussi on Unsplash

I Have A Dream


Let's all celebrate America's birthday by watching Martin Luther King, Jr.'s magnificent speech, certainly one of the greatest speeches ever given by an American. 


Now if only Abe Lincoln's Gettysburg Address was also available on YouTube . . .I cry every time I see this, because I am so moved.


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June 28, 2010


Police handcuffs
Photo by niu niu on Unsplash



On Friday afternoon Mark and I were driving in Bloomfield, New Jersey when all of a sudden several police cars came tearing along the road, lights flashing, sirens blaring. 

In this area you see at least two police cars just for a traffic violation, but when there is more than that something big is up. 


We pulled over to the side to let them pass when even more cars came. 

We were nearing the Bloomfield Green when we saw several more police cars screaming their way to Broad Street. 

There must have been at least eight, and probably many more. 

We were startled to see one police car had crashed through some bushes and landed on a tiny median. The door to the car was wide open as if someone had run out of it in a great hurry.

 "Look at that," Mark cried. "Is he hurt?"

 "I don't think so. Anyway, the door to the car's open and I don't think that anyone's inside. Besides the police are all over the place."

I noticed a policeman to the right of me was talking to a woman pushing a baby stroller. He was writing down everything she said.

We wanted to see more but it was difficult. The area was crawling with police. Crowds had gathered on all sides.

"Traffic is blocked on that side. We'll have to get out of here," said Mark as he took a turn away from the action.

 I kept craning my neck to see if I could see anything else.

"It'll be on Baristanet, that's for sure," I said confidently.  

Baristanet is a website pertaining to all things in "Baristaville" (Bloomfield, Montclair, etc).

Sure enough, after checking with Baristanet later that night, I found out that the Wachovia Bank had been robbed.
The suspect had allegedly escaped into Brookdale Park, a large, beautiful county park that is partly in Bloomfield and partly in Montclair. 
So far there have been no updates on catching the suspect. 
You can also read about Bloomfield's most famous landmark in Holsten's Brookdale Confectionary | Bloomfield, New Jersey.
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June 25, 2010

10 Things I Love About Summer

I Love Summer

I love making lists. 
Here are 10 things I love about the summer:

  1. The skies don't get dark until almost 9 P.M. (my absolutely favorite part of summer besides the warmth of the sun).
  2. Drinking unsweetened iced tea.
  3. Drinking Starbucks Mocha or Caramel Light Frappacinos  -- too much sugar and fat, I know, but it's like eating dessert with your coffee.
  4. Swimming in a pool (not lakes or oceans), especially underwater. I even love the smell of the chlorine.
  5. Barbecues and picnics. I love picnic foods: potato salad, burgers, almost anything grilled.
  6. Fresh veggies and fruits (I hate frozen or canned). Making salads with the veggies. Making smoothies with the fruits.
  7. You can open the moon-roof in the car.
  8. Eating outdoors at sidewalk cafes.
  9. Sitting (and dreaming) on front porches.
  10. The original scent of  Coppertone.
What are YOUR favorite things about summer? 
I'm talking about normal, everyday things. 
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June 21, 2010

Mad Librarians! | Montclair, New Jersey

Mad Librarians At Montclair Library
Montclair Public Library, Main Branch


Montclair Librarians Are MAD


I think The Montclair Public Library in this wealthy New Jersey township has some angry librarians. 

Budget cuts have forced the main library to be closed on Mondays, and the tiny branch library (in the exclusive section of Upper Montclair) is ONLY open on Mondays.

Yes, the town has two library buildings.

One of the signs in the next photo (in front of the main library) has the names of the Town Council and how to contact them.

Yes, they're mad.


To read about the Upper Montclair Branch of the public library, check this out:

Bellevue Avenue Branch of the Montclair Public Library | Upper Montclair, New Jersey



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June 03, 2010

The "D" Factor

Vitamin D Factor
Photo by Andres Siimon on Unsplash


Vitamin D

I went back to my internist today to find out the results of my tests.

Even though not all of the tests have been completed (the lab forgot to do some!) 


I found out that while I have slightly elevated sugars I do NOT have diabetes (that's the one I was most concerned about -- my father had it). 


It's a situation that has to be monitored carefully. I am very careful with my sugar intake, though, and I am slim, so hopefully this will not become a problem in the future. 


I should exercise more, but my pain prevents me from doing so.


Perhaps I should go swimming. I might be able to do that without pain. Besides, I really love swimming.

I do, however, have extremely low levels of Vitamin D and am now on a pill regimen to up the intake. The Vitamin D deficiency is important because it may -- and I stress MAY -- be at least partly behind my chronic pain. 


Ironically, because I don't lie out in the sun, and I use strong sun block when I do because I burn easily, is keeping me from getting enough Vitamin D. 

So the temporary high-dose pill regimen (twice weekly) is my best bet right now. 


After surfing the internet it turns out that many Americans have a Vitamin D deficiency.

I was also quite low in Vitamin B12 levels and will be taking daily supplements. The pain is still strong most days. 


I even struggle to walk from my car to my apartment bill because it's on an small incline -- it should be easily walkable but it's a struggle right now. I feel like I'm about 80 years old. Hopefully this pill regimen will help.

I go back to the internist in six weeks.


The dental appointment went well. I still need to have some broken back teeth fixed but will have to wait for that. 


I also plan to go to an eye doctor for an exam. I might as well do it all when I have the chance. 


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May 18, 2010

A Year Without Television


Photo by Frank Okay on Unsplash

 No Television For A Year


In 2008 I moved twice. 


I went from a six-room apartment with my mother, to a 3-room apartment with my mother and boyfriend (a disaster!), and now a room with my boyfriend, Mark.

That's right. A room.

Because we were trying to save money, we decided to go without cable television for awhile. 


That is, he decided. I wasn't happy about that at all. 


Now, you must understand, I am NOT a television-obsessed person. 


I watch no current sitcoms or dramas. 


But I like to watch the 10:00 News, baseball games, Larry King, and my favorite, Home and Garden Network (HGTV). I love House Hunters!

As far as Mark is concerned, there is no need for television at all. 


His reasoning is that we can watch all the television we need on our computers. We found old shows on various websites. 


Breaking My Foot Changed Everything


When I broke my foot in March 2009, I was so bored. 


Even I can't read twelve hours a day. I had no television to watch, and I hadn't discovered blogging yet.

When a special event was on, it was hard to find. 


Take the 2009 Academy Awards, for example. I desperately wanted to see it, and frantically scoured the internet for a live feed. 


I finally found one to a British television broadcast, and sat hunched in my uncomfortable hard chair (didn't have a decent office chair, yet). Halfway through the show, the feed died. 

However, I was able to locate a live feed from the ABC broadcast. Every few minutes, I shouted "Slumdog Millionaire won another Oscar!" 
But Mark was riveted to some lame technology website that he could read anytime. I kept asking him if he wanted to watch the Oscars, but he just muttered, completely hypnotized by his computer.

A few days later I told Mark that I was so glad I had watched the Oscars. 
He looked at me blankly. "You watched the Oscars?"


I also completely missed the New York Yankees championship season last year. 
I didn't get to see any of the games in the regular season and the playoffs. 
However, when they reached the World Series I demanded action. I wanted to watch the World Series. 
Finally, he prevailed upon his sister and her husband to let me watch it at their house. 
They won!!!

Now, the irony of all this is that even though we live in a tiny room, one wall is dominated by a "Hitachi 52-inch projection TV with six sets of inputs in the back" in Mark's own words. 
It just sat there, unused and unloved, gathering dust, for more than a year.

This year the Olympics were on! I was not going to miss that! Even though my favorite all-time Olympic athlete, Michelle Kwan, was not participating, I could not miss the Olympics. 
There were also gymnastics meets coming up, and I wanted to watch the news. 
I just don't enjoy watching everything on the computer. 
Besides, we had this beautiful television just sitting there. 
We also had plenty of movies stored on our computers, just waiting to be projected on the big screen.

Let's just say I gave Mark an . . . ultimatum. 
So now we have very BASIC cable. That means no Yankees, and no HGTV. 
I was able to watch the Olympics, and I can watch the news.

However, I discovered Verizon's nifty On-Demand button, where there are free movies and TV shows to watch. 
Guess what? They have some HGTV shows including House Hunters
They don't change the episodes that often, but it's great. 
I also discovered that they show Yankee games days later on Yankees Encore! For free! Yay! 
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