Best Of/Awards

Here are some of my favorite posts, organized by category. 

Offbeat Places:

The Brainy Borough: Mendham
The Buzz Aldrin Rock
Lake Hiawatha Firehouse

The Jersey Shore:

Down the Shore or

The REAL Jersey Shore

The First President of the U.S.:

George Washington Slept Here

Music, Music, Music:

Music (lots of videos, slow to upload)

My Life With My Boyfriend Husband Mark:

A Year Without Television:  All about how I lived without TV for more than a year, despite having a "Hitachi 52-inch projection TV with six sets of inputs in the back".
Stormy Weather: How Mark and I ended up traipsing through the woods at 3 a.m. during a storm just to get back home.
Friday the 13th: On Monday, March 9th, 2009 I broke my foot. On Friday, March 13th Mark's car was totalled but he was not hurt.
One Year Ago Today: Remembering the day I broke my foot.

My Health and My Job:

The Waiting Game:  Waiting and waiting between doctor appointments.
Sister, Can You Spare Two Dimes? About the magnificent raise I received at work.
Pro-Active! Not the acne medicine, but when I started to take charge of my health.

Early posts:

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission -- Geniuses in Action! When I applied for new address stickers for my driver's license, they sent me the wrong ones.
Stranded British Tourists Colonize Newark Airport:  Also known as the British-French War.
Angry Taxpayer in Cedar Grove:  How he made himself known.
Haunted Hospitals. About some creepy abandoned hospitals in New Jersey.

My First Award!

Thank you to Ms. Understood from On This Journey Called Life!