The House Without a Christmas Tree (1972)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I loved this television film as a child. It was such a success that several more "Addie Mills" films were televised by CBS. This production is set in the 1940s. 

This film is broken up into eight parts. If you click on "Play All" on the above video all eight parts should play automatically.

It is a fine film to share with children. Yes, it was recorded on videotape instead of film, which perhaps gives it a different feel than most films. It almost feels like a live broadcast instead of a television movie. This gives the films a unique quality. Eleanor Perry won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing Achievement in Drama.

It is also out on DVD, alone and also in a double feature set with another Addie Mills film "The Thanksgiving Treasure."

Jason Robards went on to win two Academy Awards, for All the President's Men and Julia.

There is a nice website devoted to the Addie Mills films here.


  1. Oh.My.Goodness! This story was such a part of my did it ever slip my mind??!! I had a paperback version of the book and saw the movie yearly as my mom was a huge fan. I will have to add the DVD set to my wish list this year! Thank you soooo much for posting this!


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