Northlandz, Part 1

Monday, December 8, 2014
 photo Northlandz1_zps46712dbd.jpg

Northlandz is considered the “world’s largest model railroad” by some, although others have claimed that title for a place in Germany

It is certainly one of the largest in the world. Northlandz started with the owner building trains and villages for his own amusement after a hard day’s work. 

Eventually it was housed in an enormous building (16 acres!) on Route 202 in historic Flemington, New Jersey. The settings are impressive, with tiny villages and large cities, and huge mountains with long bridges. The little trains run up and down and around these structures. It’s a great place to visit for train enthusiasts, small children, and just about anyone. 

There is also the doll museum and a pipe organ (which the owner plays). It’s a little expensive to visit, but it is the creation of one man’s passion and vision, and is a special place. The owner even is in charge of the little shop on the site. He was there when we went! 

 photo Northlandz2_zps6cc83757.jpg

 photo Northlandz3_zpsb75b71a7.jpg

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 photo Northlandz7_zpsfe962f32.jpg

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 photo Northlandz12_zpsb53982da.jpg

 photo Northlandz13_zps5e6b8216.jpg

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I’ll have more photos from Northlandz next week, including some wonderful dolls!

You can read more about Northlandz here, including about the remarkable owner under the “history” tab, and also cool videos about the place.

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  1. How fascinating! This looks like an over the top hobby/business for the owner. His landscaping is so realistic. My grandsons love to go to the Colorado Train Museum here, which has life size trains as well as model trains.

    1. That sounds like a fun place, too. Colorado is so beautiful. :)

  2. My son would love that railway! My husband too, actually!

  3. Wow! Just wow! my husband is looking at this with me and he wants to see this in person!!! Sadly its far from us =)

    Dropping by from

  4. What a fab model railway love the photos :-)

    Have a choochootastic week :-)

  5. I would love to visit there. My hubby bought me a train set for our first Christmas together. Such fun.

    1. It is a nice place. Your husband bought you a train set? That is wonderful :)

  6. So cool! I love all the details you can spot in these models.

  7. What a wonderful train display. A lot of time and money spent so many could enjoy.

  8. That is pretty impressive. Sure puts the annual show at our botanic gardens to shame. ;-)

  9. That's pretty impressive -- what a lot of work.

  10. That's a beautiful railroad model - there's one in San Diego I visted when our kids were little - am pretty sure there were no skyscrapers included:)
    Have a question about Tumbler- I wanted to go on there after many months, to link to my wordpress blog, butI can't get through with my pass words - and they don't have a question "Forgot password?" Do you know another way to get in -or should I create a new blog? You may answer here, if you can't comment on my wordpress blog:) Thanks!

    1. The skyscrapers are cool :)

      On the Tumblr login page in the password box is a question mark, you click on that to reset your password. :)

  11. My Dad would LOVE this


  12. There used to be a place up in Pennsylvania (near Lancaster, I believe) that claimed to have the largest model railroad. I have no trouble believing that Germany would be vying for the title, though!


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