Cooper Gristmill in Chester

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
 photo CooperGristmillChester1_zpsccc96f0f.jpg
The back of the Cooper Gristmill

Nathan Cooper built the Cooper Gristmill in 1826 in lovely and historic Chester, New Jersey. 

 photo CooperGristmillChester2_zps0f75c249.jpg
The front of the Cooper Gristmill

 photo CooperGristmillChester3_zps448dbe27.jpg
Closeup of the Cooper Gristmill

 photo CooperGristmillChester4_zps09715b80.jpg
The Cooper Gristmill, built in 1826

Harnessing water from the Black River that flows behind the mill, 2000 pound millstones turn grain into flour.

 photo CooperGristmillChester5_zps235be180.jpg
Harnessing waterpower from the Black River

 photo CooperGristmillChester6_zpsa5c3812b.jpg
The Black River supplies the power

This is the only water-powered gristmill in the state that still produces flour.

The waterwheel that provides the power weighs 6 tons.

 photo CooperGristmillChester7_zpsf9b36322.jpg
The waterwheel weighs 6 tons
 photo CooperGraistmillChester8_zpse442b091.jpg
Water is making the wheel turn

Cooper Gristmill is closed for the season, but will reopen next spring!

You can read more about the Cooper Gristmill here.
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  1. What great photos of a working mill, so interesting to know they still exist!!!

    1. Yes, they do, and this one is actually still used to make flour!

  2. Interesting piece of history.

  3. That is a stunning, stunning place! I want to move in! Thank you for the mini-break. :D

  4. Love photos like this very interesting nice mill quite quaint too :-)

  5. Stunning place! I love everything the structure and that river! #ww

  6. Nice. I love old buildings, and the waterfall.

  7. The gristmill is a beautiful building, loved seeing it!

  8. Your pictures are amazing! Beautiful building.

  9. Oh my goodness you were lucky enough to visit a working flour mill.
    JM, Illinois

    1. Yes I was. It was the last weekend that it was open for the season.

  10. Marvelous mill! I really need to explore NJ more, the only place we've ever stayed overnight is Atlantic City.

    1. There are many beautiful places in New Jersey. There really are.

  11. Great post and amazing how good a stone building still looks after 200 years! Water power - since I'm originally from the Netherlands, I know how important that is:)

    1. Yes, it looks great for its age. Water power is very important :)

  12. Very cool! Love this building and mill.

  13. gorgeous images of this beautiful area!!! i discovered chester, this past spring and we have been back twice since then, it is such a pretty area!!! i will have to look for this spot in the spring, so happy you shared!!!

  14. I love beautiful old mills like this. Nice shot!

  15. I don't know if I'm more impressed by it's beauty or the fact that it still operates.


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