Yurts at Allaire State Park

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
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Traditional yurts used by nomads in Asia are usually made with felt or wool. Yurts have been adapted for camping in the United States. 

Only four campgrounds in New Jersey have yurts. Allaire State Park is one of them. 

These structures are made of high-tech materials. It is a circular tent built on a wood frame, featuring wood floors, a deck and Plexiglas skylight. Each yurt has a lockable wood door, window screens and flaps, and two double-deck bunks, which sleep up to four people. Cooking facilities, water and restroom facilities are usually within walking distance. This makes it a more practical alternative to a regular tent, which must be set up and taken down each day, not to mention that it is far more comfortable to sleep on a real bed, and to move around more freely. 

I wrote about this beautiful park and its historic village with its unusual chapel and Pine Creek Railroad last year. 
The park also includes camping facilities, including yurts.
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To read more about Allaire State Park and its historic village, please click the link below!

Allaire State Park and Village

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  1. What fascinating - and sensible - structures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. very interesting structure. they look quite cozy.

  3. i find them interesting. there are yurts here in yosemite, i have yet to see them.

    Emma and Buster

    1. I like them, too. More interesting than cabins, that's for sure.

  4. We just started camping a month ago and it is very very addicting. These yurts looks amazing =) #WW

  5. Would love to spend a vacation there, seems as a wonderful, peaceful place.
    Hope you come and party at our WW HOp

    1. It is indeed a wonderful place with the camping and the historic village and the Pine Creek Railroad. :-)

  6. I am not a camper, but can see how these would be more comfortable than a regular tent.
    Thanks for stopping by, and nice comment.

    1. It definitely is far more comfortable and convenient than a regular tent!


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