The Secret Garden

Thursday, July 3, 2014
 photo AvisCampbellGardensJune2014-7_zpsffc423b7.jpg

In Montclair, New Jersey there is a place I call The Secret Garden. It is tucked away behind the United Way building, next door to the town library. 

It is a lovely garden that is beautifully maintained by the Garden Club of Montclair. They are especially well known for the tulips in May. The town flower in Montclair is the tulip, and the entire town celebrates May in Montclair. 

This year, I visited in May and June. In May I had just missed most of the tulips (I was away), but I found these.

 photo AvisCampbellGardensMay2014-4_zpsb47cd41d.jpg

 photo AvisCampbellGardensMay2014-5_zps14d6bcbe.jpg

 photo AvisCampbellGardensMay2014-3_zps97c0c4d5.jpg

 photo AvisCampbellGardensMay2014-2_zpsc0627435.jpg

 photo AvisCampbellGardensMay2014-1_zpsece44251.jpg

Then I went back in June and the roses were out: 

 photo AvisCampbellGardensJune2014-1_zps2676fff3.jpg

 photo AvisCampbellGardensJune2014-2_zps43f0a975.jpg

 photo AvisCampbellGardensJune2014-3_zps8346db7e.jpg

 photo AvisCampbellGardensJune2014-5_zps6c7df3ae.jpg

 photo AvisCampbellGardensJune2014-6_zps0deda128.jpg

 photo AvisCampbellGardensJune2014-4_zps8cf2565a.jpg

My cherry blossoms post from last week is being featured on Sweet and Simple Fridays at Rooted in Thyme! Thank you Jody and Stan! Please check out their beautiful blog and join in on the fun!

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Have a Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Oh so pretty. I'm a sucker for gardens and all flowers. I like secret garden spots like this. I always wondered why they called it the garden state. :)

    1. I love gardens, too. New Jersey has many pretty gardens!

      Thanks for visiting!


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