Bahrs Landing Is Still Standing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
 photo BahrsLanding1_zpse728e6d6.jpg

Bahrs Landing is a legendary place in Highlands, New Jersey. 

It is 97 years old this year, and it amazing because it sustained considerable damage in October 2012 from Hurricane “Superstorm” Sandy, which destroyed many other businesses (including many restaurants) in the area. 

It is open year-round, and the owners were determined to re-open quickly: 

But somehow it survived, and it will celebrate its 100th Birthday in 2017! 

We love eating there, and staring out at the water and Sandy Hook! I love the food, especially my favorite, Peach Melba! It is so delicious. My husband heartily recommends the crab cakes : )

Right next to Bahr’s is Moby’s Lobster Deck, serving seafood and ice cream! They are open from May to October with 100% outdoor dining!

You can even take a ferry from New York City to visit and have a great meal!

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 photo BahrsLanding3_zps6bdd886d.jpg

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To read more about Bahr’s Landing and Moby’s Deck, check out their website!

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Have a wonderful week!



  1. Nice post great to see it survived especially after how long it's been open, it looks really quaint there reminds me of Murder She Wrote heheh!

    Have a melbatastic week ;-)

    PS: What? :roll:

    1. It does remind me of Murder, She Wrote!

      I'll eat some peach melba! What? :-)

  2. What a great place to eat! I wish I could go there for lobster right now.

  3. It looks fascinating - I bet it is full of character inside. Interesting to see the yachts "moored" on racks!

    1. Yes, it is indeed full of character. They play interesting 1920s-1930s music, too.

  4. Ok, I'm wanting some crab cakes from Bahr's even though I've never been there or done that. mmmm, perhaps I should put this on my "bucket list."
    JM, Illinois

  5. Looks like a nice restaurant to go to.. I bet the view looks wonderful. So glad it was not destroyed during the storm...Christine

  6. That is awesome, still standing strong :)
    Have a great rest of the week!

  7. This looks like a great restaurant. I love these fish places on the shore. Glad it survived.

  8. Nice to see that they stand up after the storm literally! I dont know the place but this post & their story is inspiring =) #WW

  9. Interesting to hear their story! How inspiring.

    1. I'm so glad that they weren't completely destroyed!

  10. Looks terrific and a very interesting read.
    Happy ODW!

  11. Great post! Hard to believe something that old here...we think things are really old that are 50 here! So glad it is still there! Happy Wednesday!!


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