Lake Hiawatha Firehouse

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Lake Hiawatha is one of several communities within the large township of Parsippany. Towns and areas with names of Native American origin are common in New Jersey. The name “Parsippany” is derived from a Lenape word which means “where the river winds through the valley.”

Lake Hiawatha has many streets named after Native American words: Iroquois, Mohegan, Oswego, Seminole, Navajo, and my favorite, Minnehaha Boulevard. 

On the front of the building are the following words: The Desire to Serve. The Courage to Act. The Ability to Perform.

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  1. I found that very interesting. I lived in Parsippany in the early 1970's and didn't know where the name came from.

    1. I love the meaning of the word Parsippany.

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. I like their motto (over the doors)


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